Donald A. Burke Convicted Of Murdering Two Dogs, Now Owns Another!? SICK!!!!

Remember Donald A. Burke (Going By Aaron Aao Burke On Facebook).

Donald here was featured in our stories….

Two Men Arrested & Charged With Allegedly Murdering Two Dogs! Brock D. Coonrod & Donald A. Burke!!


Its PROBATION For Two Men Convicted of Murdering Two Dogs! Brock D. Coonrod & Donald A. Burke!!

This sick fuck killed two innocent dogs because he was being evicted and couldn’t take the dogs with him.

Well now this sick fucker has a new dog…

There should be laws about this…

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119 Comments on "Donald A. Burke Convicted Of Murdering Two Dogs, Now Owns Another!? SICK!!!!"

  1. Angela Hayes did you see this!!!

  2. Just sick

    He has another dog..
    What happens to this dog when he gets kicked out the next trailor court.

    I find it very disturbing that he is allowed to own dogs afyer murfering 2

    Smh shame on u sangamon county

    Well we need to make this go viral

    I just hope he dont take this puppy for a walk in the woods..
    Smh that dog trusted hi. Thought he was his best friend then he takes him for a walk i can picture it dogs all happy then bam out of nowhere dog get shot and covered with a few leaves didnt even bother to put him in a shallow grave..

    I hope i never run into him cause im gonna call him ouy

  3. NO. Send me more info if you can…is this local?

  4. Ty springfield exsposed .. I took this story to the 30.minutes ago and they posted this great info thank you so much

  5. nevermind…it’s the asshole from Riverton. Looking to see exactly what his “punishment” was when he pled guilty…

  6. Travis Cline Robby Ambrose Rick Ambrose Tracey Ambrose Eric Kincaid Eric Mccawley Tonya King Joe Burks Cynthia Cubbage Farrell Ambuehl can u believe this crap Rob KUnderwood Samantha Pflug Kristina Orama Alex Perkinton Anthony Aarron

  7. Did we go to school with him?

  8. Anyone know if this dog is intact?

  9. Salena Christopher you should ban these two from APL..

  10. Alisa Stubbs Courtney Nicole Stubbs

  11. Where he at now? Anybody know anyone keeping eyes on the dog?

  12. Jayson Did you ask if he owned another dog? The pictures I saw were from 2016.

  13. I love Dogs more than humans but if one of my many bit a child ill put it down no Questions asked he just chose the way he thought was rite know him well I have shot Dogs that where out of control im part of a Kenal today with all this bull shit just take them to the pound so you dont have to deal with Punks a lot better things to put on this site than this I promise you like child molesters & woman beaters pay them some attention our for father’s fought for a country that is fair many of them shot dogs I hate muther fuckers that starve animals throw them on the side of a rode if you dont know what you speak of DONT speak cause I promise this one your wrong !!!!

  14. Amanda Fox-Walden Matt Brinkley Julie Underwood Jessica Underwood

  15. Sad thing is Larry…that’s NOT his original story as to why they shot the dogs. The original story was they were being evicted and had nowhere to take them. Lie. SCAC can NOT refuse dogs. I volunteer for Illinois Humane. They damned well didn’t call us. Now they’ve been convicted and it’s “I killed my dog because it bit my kid”. Why the hell did the other dog die? And the other dog wasn’t a clean shot. That dog was partially paralyzed due to one of the assholes not being a good shot and the dog drug itself trying to get away. Police followed the drag marks and blood trail.

  16. And sometimes, it’s NOT the dogs fault that a kid gets bit. Knock on wood, my grandson, 2 yrs old, knows he best leave my dad’s dog alone because she will bite. He won’t run around her. Won’t attempt to pet her. And if there are a lot of kids? She get’s shut in a bedroom for a bit because she gets so nervous. Many times people don’t take the time to teach kids the proper way to approach a dog. If the child is too young to know the warning signs, then it’s up to the parents to watch. Some idiots sent their 3 y/o to take a bone away from a dog who went garbage surfing. Guess what. Kid got his face torn up bad. Kid now terrified of dogs. Dog was euthanized. Why? STUPID ADULTS!

  17. The law puts down any dog that bits children dont know its always rite but to speak on something get your info strait lot of haters out their wonder why I love my dog more than people our system gives poor 2 choices plead out or go to trile moste times thay make it cheep to plead this one aint worth the argument Love Dogs more than humans anyone who knows me will make that plain to you this poaste was about human hate not poor Dogs promise you

    • No, they don’t always put them down for bites. I don’t hate dogs….for fuck’s sake I’m a Humane Investigator! Like you, I would much rather be around any animals than most people….Please don’t tell me to get my facts straight. I work closely with SCAC and SPD on animal complaints. I know the laws.

    • Hey Angela. Maybe you could answer a question for me? What BY LAW is someone required to do when they find/take in a stray?

    • Angela Hayes im not trying to insult anyone nore me ne insulted just that this was many moons ago that man paid dearly for a bad disition just from someone who kows him hes a realy good guy known him a long time wouldn’t just stick up for anyone promis you this have a dog was taken from a dog fighter we turned them in got custody of Mikey the love dog of my life aint worth a penny any more but worth the world to me if you knew me or my love of animals not just dogs you would know there is something to what im saying

    • He didn’t pay dearly. I was sitting in the court room the day of the sentencing. Yes. He made a piss fuck poor decision. Should he have a chance to make it right? NOPE. What if he has to move again and again can’t take the dog? He gonna kill this one, too? He and people like him view animals as property. It’s nothing more than an object to them. I can’t imagine taking my puppy out in the woods behind my house and putting a bullet in it’s head. No sane person does that. And again…his buddy? And his buddy? The one who can’t aim? He didn’t even have the decency to give that dog a clean kill. Nope. Just paralyzed it for until he realized it wasn’t dead and was trying to get away….That’s even worse.

    • Hope all woinds heal just know one of his dogs ive had a lot to do with lpve her like a child wouldn’t let nothing happen I take in dogs find them homes if owners cant take them back done this many times for free just remember children are involved in these dogs lives lpve them very much hope your disitions dont hurt them I just care about all involved would help even you with that

    • Omg he murdered the dog

    • He didnt get humainly put down no grave nothing a couple leaves thrown over him

  18. That’s just sick couldn’t someone turn them in for animal abuse and get the dog taken from him

  19. That dog is very spoild & Loved three of your most prominent Kenals involved in her life & children who love her sorry but way better things to report

  20. Larry sounds just as sick as the two brothers. It sounds like the one is graduating from killing an animal to domestic battery. It starts wirh animals then leads to more. Larry why are you saying this all ok? Please seek therapy.

  21. Them 2 dudes are pieces of shit.
    Damn Larry Eades I can’t believe you are for these 2 Jack offs

    • I know the hole of it all thay know is what thay can read how much you think can be read on us Jim & im shure it wouldnt read to our favor the courts never do that dog in Question is like one of our own she is very safe & happy promise you Jim ill kill people first & you know that about me love my animals & thats one of mine forget the mistake my friend made in his past hes a really good guy even you would like we all make mistakes my friend

  22. Fuck these 2 and their phoney supporters. How’s THAT?

  23. Soooooo ONE of the dogs tries to bite his child bit yet TWO are shot????!!! Yep that makes alot of sense!

  24. You have a rite to opinion but not to criticize me

  25. All these people worried about dude being around a dog.. when one story previous is a multi state sexual misconduct case?? By a local business owner?? More concerned about dogs than children.. smdh.

  26. He didn’t kill the dogs cause of a bite he killed them cause he says he had no where to send them I was married to his baby mom and he was asking me to help fix a tv but couldn’t ask for help with the dogs ! Being a super dog lover I say it’s wrong but everyone thinks different

  27. I really don’t get in drama but a lot of u people need to get lives I got a family to take care of im a hard worker yes I maid a bad choice in life who haven’t half u people on hear smoke crack shoot herion ant that right jayson perkinton love all the tough guys on hear none of u can’t say shit to hurt me or can hurt me so hope u guys wake up Sunday and go get some JESUS LOVE U ALL HAVE A BLESS DAY

  28. One more thing I got two dogs

  29. I’ll make sure they are both on radar for SCAC and all other rescues that have investigators….And they will be on mine.

  30. To all my family and friends sorry from the bottum of my heart one more thing it’s ok to have a stranger put ur dog down with a shoot and they suffocating to death but that’s cool this world needs JESUS

  31. Yes put your dog down humanely…because it’s dying or old. This sickens me. Why have more dogs!?!? They weren’t dying, or just hit by a car and suffering?!?!? You couldn’t take them to a shelter? I’m being very serious when I say I think you need counseling. Seriously.

  32. Aaron I think if anyone needs God it’s you. And Kasey Canoy weren’t you bashing him when this story got out?

  33. Not sure y I’m tagged here but I love my huskys and they love me and I DO CUSTOM SHOES LMAO CHECK OUT MY PAGE ALOT TO TLK ABOUT THERE LOL

  34. Nice!!thanks for the shout out!!

  35. Ill Appeal is the shit on shoes.. I tagged u bro cause im just letting people know

  36. Ahh I see I see sounds messed up and all but I dunno them guys..always 2 sides to a story if ya know what I mean

  37. Not really. When u get caught and photos of the dead dog are on there . and now he has another dog

    • So your squeaky clean past wouldn’t come back to haunt you? How about looking at charges you accepted pleas to? How would it feel if someone decided to be your judge and jury all over again? I’m no angel.. but I’m pretty sure neither are you..

    • No i have done plenty of things but i dont hurt animals . im not the one that did this .. Ur deffending someone that killed a dog and left it to rot then loes about it come. On now

  38. I was sick when I heard about this the first time. I hope nothing happens to the new dogs. Aaron needs to do the right thing if the same situation we’re to occur. In life we all get what we deserve!!

  39. I will never understand how people can deffend animal abuser ppl who hurt kids and the elderly … Sad simple fact is what did was morally wrong and sick .. What happens when the next person he is living. Kicks him out

  40. I’m not defending them by any means I’m not with the killing of dogs I’m just saying I too have fucked up and and had to do the time for the crimes so if any thing if they did do it and the courts didn’t order them to no longer be able to have pets that’s not there fault are court system sucks

  41. I’m a animal lover always have raised three kids love animals at that time I thought I was doing the right thing but it wasn’t does it make me a bad person no people can judge me all they want it don’t hurt don’t make me and won’t break me all theses people talking shit don’t even no me and jayson he’s a punk internet bully lol one thing I want every one to no GOD DOES THE JUDGEING AT THE END

  42. People like this need to be shot in the head in front of their wife kids and family

  43. Jack McKinney | July 22, 2017 at 4:07 am | Reply

    That dog never went after a kid. Let alone that little boy. Jayson way to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Aaron is a habitual liar and well known drug addict.I wish I would have never gave him a chance to own Zay.

  44. Jack McKinney | July 22, 2017 at 4:17 am | Reply

    Unlawful discharge of a firearm by a convicted felon usually ends up as lengthy federal sentencing. Must be something confidential going on.

  45. I cant believe people are attacking me because aaron killed a dog and has another and i brought it to everyones attention

    • Nobody is attacking you.. but you aren’t a judge.. He went thru the system and the courts handed down the deal. If ANYTHING.. you should be mad at he system that lowers punishments and offers deals just to get a guilty plea!! THAT IS THE PROBLEM…

    • I wasnt reffering to you .. Fuck i got better things to do then worry about someone i dont know … I was talking about my messenger …

      But keep trying to argue

      Absolutely pathetic lady everything aint about u no matter hiw much u want it to be

    • Our system sux fyi its fucked innocent ppl go to jail murders walk free drug dealers get umtine chances.. Keep on arguing ya idiot

  46. This is what aaron does to the dog he loved

  47. Someone needs to boot a door and take a dog…. laws be damned

  48. I HATE this guy. I saw him at the dog park with the dog when it was still alive. The dog was aggressive because it had a stupid owner doing all the wrong things with it. We all had to ask him to leave. We all felt sorry for the dog. Now the dog is dead. Everyone needs to be calling animal control and asking them how in the hell this guy can own a dog!!!!!

    • I remember this. I was there once (maybe the same time!) when we all asked him to leave because his dog was being aggressive and he said “he’s just playing…he plays rough.”

  49. Yes aaron is an uneducated idiot

  50. Id just like to go on the record and say Larry Eades is a good guy and was just misinformed and he has wonderful dogs.. We just had a talk i have nothing but absolute respect for him thanks again larry

  51. Snarky McSnark | July 22, 2017 at 2:38 pm | Reply

    Aaron and Larry, a couple of wannabe badasses who crop the ears of poor dogs and kill them. What a nice couple of pussies. Aaron ,get that gold tooth out of your mouth,sell it and pay your Goddamn fines you pathetic excuse for a human being. As you YOU, Larry, shove that rebel flag up your ass.

  52. Snarky McSnark | July 22, 2017 at 2:43 pm | Reply

    How old ARE you anyway, Aaron? because you dress like you’re about 15. Nice fucking example to set for your kids. They got a name for guys that dress like that, it’s “wigger”, you fucking punk. Good thing you DIDN’T get prison time, I know guy who would be selling your blowjob services- after they knocked those teeth out on bedrails.

  53. What a worthless piece of shit!!!!!! Ugly and disgusting!! He needs to be shot!!

  54. Pussy ass bitch boy thinks he is a bad ass cause he picks on animals but that pussy ass nigger wanna be won’t fight me

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