District 186 School Employee Calling Kids N*ggers & B*tches – Heather Dawn Singer

Remember our story Heather Dawn Singer Convicted Of Inhumane Treatment Of Animals??

Check out this audio from a phone conversation between Heather and her child’s father.

Click Here To Download The Audio!
Abusing Animals and callings kids that… Wow what kind of parent would want their kids around you??


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128 Comments on "District 186 School Employee Calling Kids N*ggers & B*tches – Heather Dawn Singer"

  1. Kaitlyn Good look who is on Springfield exposed

  2. Can’t get the audio to play

  3. Did anyone tag Carl Good

  4. Erica Schmidt wth you see this

  5. Melissa Willis April Willis

  6. Jenelle Williams | February 18, 2016 at 7:14 am | Reply

    My kids ALWAYS complained about her and when I told the school principal they said they don’t believe it!!!! So glad my kids don’t go there anymore!!!!

  7. what school did she teach at???

  8. Yea I know u seen this all I got to say n just to be well known this is aleesha not Alan she said that she had a bad feeling about me but yet she does this haha wow

  9. I didn’t hear her say the N word

  10. And this woman works for the school district

  11. It’s already been reported to the school she called me a nigga lover and called my 5yr old a nigger bitch has on cumin

  12. This makes her out to be a horrible person that she really isnt. You guys don’t know what happened to her dog anymore then the guy writing this does. We all have a past, and I’m sure nobody’s is squeaky clean. There are people talking about doing horrible things to this girl, when in reality none of this was anybodys business. I also know for a fact that she would never hurt a child, not hers or anyone else’s.

    • U have no idea what she has done in her past ,what she will do when the right people r not looking . She will talk about u behind ur back and lie about it in ur face I have seen and heard her talk shit about people

    • First off she is clearly calling a 7year old a bitch in the audio and I know personally the damage she has caused to my friends lives so fuck this bitch….I catch her it’s on!!

  13. Hmmm… Didn’t hear the N word. Sounds like she’s pissed because the guy is ignoring his kid. So who’s the bad person? And BTW, the mug shot is from 2013. You’re making it look like she was recently put in jail over what the audio says. This site is crap… smh.

  14. My cuzo didn’t say the n word at all she is good to kids what ever she did in the past it shouldn’t be any one business ain’t people got better things to do instead of bullying people

  15. Smhhhh sad so it’s ok to call black kids niggers and bitches! Then you wonder why violence is happening! Violence will forever happen because ppl in high places misuse their power and abuse our black children and get away with it! But couldn’t be MINES she be picking her face up off the floor!

    • I have known Heather for a long time. I am with a black man and I am white. I have 3 mixed children. I have always got along with her and she has never called my family a bad name. You cant even hear her say those words on the recordings.

    • It’s not just black kids my kids are mixed and she said it to them and called them names

  16. Ok. Did I miss something? Never heard the N word once. I hate articles like this. It makes it sound like she did this at school. This is a personal matter between her and her ex. Does not make it right that she called her ex’s girlfriend’s kid the b word but how low is he for airing their dirty laundry? smh.

  17. First of all he didnt air her out her dirty laundry im the one that said it ! I dont care what anyone thinks ! She has been saying and do this kind of stuff for almost 13 yrs now! So yes something had to be said! No one said she said it at a school and if you lissen she does call the kids the n word right before she call our daughter a bitch! Someone exposed her and ppl want to say she is a good person and she isnt! She keeps my husband son from him ! I have videos of that to! I have lots of ppl that can back me up on the things she has done over the yrs and is still doing! Im done ranting this shit really has gone to far ! Im over it! It wasn’t my intention to get her bullied! But just a little over a month she was calling us at 230 in the morning and got mad because i answer the phone i didnt who it was it was blocked any ways she got mad and start telling me yet again i hope your daughter dies and all sorts off stuff! So yes im just little fed up about this whole situation!

  18. It’s people like her that should not have anything good in life. My daughter goes to the school and was on the poms team and she told her that her booty was to big and all black girls shouldn’t wear laggings my daughter is in the 4th grade. She just mad my 4th grader has more ass then her.

  19. And let me claifie The only thing i did was shared the video after she was already on exposed ! Someone turned her into exposed! She pissed off the wrong person on this sight!

  20. TO those who don’t know! This bitch talks to our kids like shit now I know the kids r not perfect so u have to talk to them like they r people not grown she makes rude ass comments and that’s not ok with me and my child that is why she does not get respected my child will never respect her and I’m ok with that but she will respect my child

  21. SMH…All the ones swearing up and down she didn’t say the “N” word, need to clean your damn ears out. She said it clear as day right at the beginning of the audio. You didn’t hear it because you didn’t want to hear it.

  22. In the state of Illinois it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge. The person doing the recording can be charged.

  23. Julie Anderson | February 19, 2016 at 1:18 pm | Reply

    This is why I pulled my kids out of Havard Park. My son’s 3rd grade teacher openly called all her students stupid idiots and then said they wouldn’t amount to a Pyle of crap. My son is now in 10th grade and getting B and C grades. I think district 186 better check in with their students more.

  24. Well I know Heather singer I have kids with her cousin Rodney Willis and the while family is fucked up I’m not perfect by any means and made bad choices as well but Heather and the rest of the clan act like angels when they really ain’t and yes I’ve heard Heather say the n word to me before and karma is a bitch it will come back on her bitch ass. And I wish the bitch would say it to my face cuz I would beat her ass and I don’t care who goes back and tells the ugly bitch Heather and her family always wants to put ppl down and talk shit but don’t wanna tell there business out there I’ve got so much I could say on Heather and the rest

  25. Shay Hayes Christina Harris

  26. Darrell Downey. LOL

  27. Thomas Crim better email us those recordings!

  28. U can clearly hear her say the word n***er and b**CH. That’s messed up cuz I have mixed kids and know who she is cuz our kids went to school together but never knew she wuz like that. There’s undercover racists everywhere.

  29. Melissa Rhodes | May 9, 2016 at 10:56 pm | Reply

    If you didn’t do anything illegal and mind you charged for then no biggy but in order to be charged there has to be proof even good people do fucked up things. P.S. Tonya King send me the video

  30. It don’t matter it’s old so move on with life

  31. i had major problems with this bitch…. after her son kicked my son in the face and broke his tooth out, she was the playground attendant at the school and it didnt get reported, then i went to the school the next day and they threw me out cuz i was pissed they didnt have any answers, she made faces at my kids at lunch time and she used her school plug to get my info and call dcfs on me for the black eye that her son did when he accidentally kicked my son in the face 2 times, how u accidentally kick someone 2 time once hard enuff to break his tooth and the second time to give a child a black eye that lasted 2 weeks…….. then she tried to get the neighbors to call dcfs on me, i was gonna beat the fuck out this bitch… but she jumped in her truck and ran……. she will get hers someday i swear one of these parents will get her ass, and i aint forgot…. i promise that

  32. Wow she dont need to working with kids i cant stand when people use that word


  34. Wow. I seriously cannot believe that there are people on here trying to contradict ABSOLUTE FACTS!!!! I’m going to guess that most of the people saying they didn’t hear this woman say the “N-word” don’t actually know her and are, like me, weighing in based solely on the story and the audio file. Now, I don’t have a problem with people having an opinion and especially people that DO know her wanting to go on the record with their personal experiences regarding this woman. What I DO have a problem with is these people putting total bullshit out there. It is NOT debatable whether she says the word ni**we or calls someone a little bitch. It isn’t muffled or unclear audio. It is extremely clear, there IS no doubt. She calls them SHAY’S Ni**er kids clear as a bell. This is EXACTLY like Trump saying during the third debate that he is smart for not paying taxes then in the post debate interview claiming he never said that. IT IS ON VIDEO!!!!There IS no debate other than in Trumps own mind that he DID, in fact, say EXACTLY that!!! If you want to support right wingers and racists, feel free to do just that. It IS still a free country and regardless of how we might FEEL about your values and morals, you are free to be as ignorant and hate filled as you choose. The one thing I have to say about it though is this, of you are going to support people with racist values, if you believe it’s acceptable to call people ni**ers, OWN IT!! STOP BEING LITTLE BITCHES when you are called out for it. See, thr majority of us DO NOT believe racism is ok. We don’t think that people who don’t look like us or believe in the same God as us are the cause of America’s problems. If you want to act like an ignorant, backwards, in-educated fool, habe at it but stop telling us we’re “pulling the race card”. We aren’t pulling anything. You collected the race card yourself and threw it on the table. Grow some balls or better yet, of you don’t want to be CALLED a racist, stop ACTING like one!

  35. guys…everyone is racist to a certain extent lol. white black brown, doesn’t matter. we all are and we all have feelings about other people. it’s just a matter of what’s shared and what isn’t. racism is instinctive. our brains make generalizations about people based on experiences and we develop reactions to protect ourselves. i’m a black man, and you can’t tell me that if you’re walking down the street in the middle of the night and u see three niggas covered in tattoos wearing jewelry walking towards u and 3 white boys wearing collared shirts on the other side of the street, ur not gonna jump across the street and pass the white boys? it’s a safety defense mechanism. it doesn’t make it right or wrong, it just IS. this whole thing isn’t really about racism it’s just about a dumb lady that dropped the N word in a personal conversation and got caught. should she have said it? no of course not, but is anyone surprised? lol…i hope not, be realistic people. she wouldn’t have said it if she knew anyone was listening and that’s what matters. it’s not what or how we think, it’s what we do in the presence of judgement. white folks say the n word amongst each other in private, and black folks blame white people today unfairly for shit some white men did hundreds of years ago. it is what it is. don’t make this whole thing about racism lol because it’s not. it’s just the stupidity of one individual who is clearly a bad person and shouldn’t be around our children regardless of her feelings on race.

  36. Wow. Springfield wtw? Is she STILL working with babies? Better call the school board.

  37. kudos to whoever called this trash out

  38. No place in schools for people like this. Politics maybe.

  39. Why do you always post old shit that’s already been drug all throughout Facebook? Let’s be a little more original and talk about something that’s actually relevant to our lives and not “fake springfield news”.

  40. Or not to mention when you click on the link 1000 pop ups!!!!

  41. Ashley Marie Clenin Alicia Clenin why they post this shit about Heather

  42. This is all old as fuck

  43. She’s been on here before. No need to be drug through the mud again when she’s already been publicly shamed. Hell I’ll throw u a few names if you’re running out of headlines already.

  44. Ikr mfs need to stop putting people out there when they didnt even do shit smh i hate petty mfs dont you Ashley Marie Clenin

  45. I swear im about to report springfield exposed real shit Ashley Marie Clenin

  46. Agree post more recent stuff.

  47. Everyone want funny shit to read.. Look up Sondra Seaton ..

  48. Then her post about her man of 7 yrs cheating on her lmao… With Shawn Langley and this girl has true love ❤ on the pic. How can it be lol



  51. Right Tina M Sutton people haten

  52. I don’t even click on old news that s*** sold dead and stinking. Just my opinion

  53. You knoww what pos mfs i am gonna make sure your site goes down and no i have never hurt or stolwn an inocent animal i dont believe in that shit and btw that was my bilogical cousin yall reposting stop putting people out there that didnt do shit or if you dont have proof

  54. Oh gosh Sindy Lee Bunch you getting blasted now

  55. And yall Can come to my fuckin apartment and arrest me for speaking my mind idgaf fuck the law stop posting shit about inocent people and my fuckin family low life pos

  56. Idc they wanna put me and Heather out there let these people talk always wanns bring shit up

  57. I get asked and judged and bullied about this shit all the time and it emabrriees tf outta me because i know for a fact deep down in my heart in soul i would never do anything to hurt a inocent animal i wont even go into the animal control or apl no more because people look up and down at me and i really didnt do this shit and it makes me sick to my stomach how people treat their animals yes i have gotten a couple of dogs that i fell in love with that were free or i have bought but i couldn’t take care of them so i made sure thwy went to a good loving home and got lots of attention and apoiled but i learned my lesson dont get a animal if you cant take care of it or meet their needs animals are very loving and cute but dogs are a big responsibulity

  58. Never posted that and isnt that abuse like i said whoever u are ur a piece of shit u k owthat and actually im gonna prasue sueing who ever this os so enjoy while u still got ur job

  59. Lowlife mf suck a dixk and die

  60. Well you talking like this to them is definitely not gonna help you at all.

  61. Yall already exposed her for the same stuff….. next, oh I know, lets expose the people on the staff

  62. This chic! Haha! Something! She needs a serious foot!

  63. Rachel Ramsey nothing says we can’t talk about previous stories. And believe it or not most of our staff have been featured on here at one point or another

  64. Lmao shes also a whore n uses her step dad too pay for her habitat house she lies too the state n says she dont work for the school n gets a star check she beats her son n we could go on n on but that would take for ever n don’t forget Shes a stalker

  65. Shelby Sudduth Tammy Sudduth

  66. Damn springfield exposed is wilding out

  67. Right tries blasting Rachel devalt too

  68. The use of the English language in these comments is disturbing… lmao

  69. This is old y keep replaying the same old records? Smdh yall already had this on here b4

  70. You can tell that Sindy Lee Bunch girl is absolutely white trash by the way she speaks lol. Dirtbag

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