District 186 First Student Bus Less Than 30 Feet From Being Hit By A Train!


District 186’s School Bus Company First Student confirms this was one of their busses. They did state they have removed the driver from their position until further investigations can be done.


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18 Comments on "District 186 First Student Bus Less Than 30 Feet From Being Hit By A Train!"

  1. I hope they fire that person.

  2. Oh wow hmm wondering about the bus number happy they were ok

  3. Is the barrier hitting the bus’ roof ?

  4. On the news fb page they said they know which bus it is and the driver and the person will not be driving while they investigate.

  5. They stated that First Student knows which bus and driver it is, not that the news did.

  6. That’s what I meant lol

  7. We should know the bus drivers name, bus number, if there was kids on it, etc soon.

  8. Good!! I don’t trust a lot of the bus drivers and make sure I take my kids and pick my kids up from 2 different schools

  9. I think I was behind this today

  10. They lost a kid last week too.

  11. Maranda Dempsey not too long ago we were talking about how this happened to our bus in high school lol

  12. Yeah apparently we just thought it was the norm… We never made the news!!!
    Of course our driver was drunk to we never mad a fuss!

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