Dirty, Nasty, No Good! – Who Is Dana M. Small ???





DanaMSmall4Good Evening! Welcome to another edition of Springfield IL Exposed “The Dirty”!

Tonight after several submissions we bring you Dana M. Small born in 1991.

Who is she!?

She’s been arrested a few times for Driving Under The Influence, most recently this last weekend even.

Beyond that her criminal history isn’t bad.

Her mugshots thought say a lot, she has lets say “changed” at lot in the last few years…

So why are you guys submitting her to be apart of The Dirty Nasty No Good?

We’ve read your stories, let’s get the publics input! Fill the comments section or our inbox at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com with your Dana Story!

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33 Comments on "Dirty, Nasty, No Good! – Who Is Dana M. Small ???"

  1. Wow! First let me address this, the ONLY reason people are submitting her is because they are jealous HATERS who she WONT Fuck! This is my sister, not by blood, but by choice! She is a Single mother who works her Ass off at not only a job, but as a FT mother. Whoever submitted her should probably put down the computer or Phone and get a FUCKING life!

  2. I still am having trouble believing that’s the same chick…

  3. You guys are being rather stupid about this. I’m sorry you haven’t done this to anyone else on the page and also tall make fun of a girl with no make up then that she has too much wtf make up your mind. I myself wear zero 95% of the time

  4. No One Else Has Ever Had A Meme Submitted On Them Besides Jasen Manuele Which We Did Post

  5. This is the same girl in all the pics???

  6. 9/20/15 is meth face!,!!!

  7. Wow! I agree with William people are judging people they don’t know. She’s a beautiful girl and a nice person. Maybe you should pull up the person who sent this in and see what they are all about!

    • Thank you both, so sweet of you I appreciate that very much William & Judy ! I actually am very nice sweet hard working single mother and I do my hardest everybody makes mistakes. I’m learning from then that doesn’t mean people should be able to down someone for there past when it reality this is really a form of bulling … I don’t appreciate this at all. I’m not dirty nasty or no good by anymeans. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, as they will believe what they would like to. Love me or love too hate bitches!!!!

  8. This girl is a really sweet girl she just got in the wrong crowd of guys

  9. Hey dana heard ur back with the guy who broke ur jaw. Awww he must love you. Remember when you give him some money, that he’s the one who put you on this site. If you don’t believe me, I’ll send you screenshots!

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