Dirty JOBS down at the county

Justice – Sangamon County style. Take notice citizens of Sangamon county.My friend who was Wheelchair bound senior citizen divorcing cheating wife was extorted by judge to either sell his family farm or go to jail. The court has been informed that ##### ######### has on this day executed and signed the resolution of the Board of Directors of ## Grain Farms LTD in favor of a voluntary dissolution of the corporation. The court has been provided with a copy of said document. The court finds that petitioner ###### ####### has purged himself from indirect civil contempt of court and therefore the judgment of civil contempt is VACATED.
Judge: SANCHEZ Clerk: DM
Judge: SANCHEZ Clerk: DM
Entry on Petition for Civil Contempt
Petitioner present in person and by Attorney Costello. Respondent present in person and by Attorney Sabin on behalf of Attorney Cherry. Matter comes for hearing on Respondent’s Petition for a finding of indirect civil contempt against ###### #########. Evidence heard. ###### ######### is found in indirect civil contempt of court. He may purge himself by executing the resolution within 24 hours.
Strange I thought extortion was against the law, but I guess if your are a judge that makes it legal. Weird that the cheating wife’s brother is a big contributor to certain politicians in Sangamon county, and golfing buddies to the lawyers in the case. You be the judge is justice bought and sold in Sangamon County? This is dedicated to all of the citizen that Judge Sanchez has #### over.


I’m a little confused – R

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8 Comments on "Dirty JOBS down at the county"

  1. Yeah I’m going to say that justice was bought. I am a friend to the family. I have followed the case for the last 7 or 8 Year’s. Got to love it the woman dives a Lexus just bought a new Mercedes has a house in the Ozark’s… the great judge Sanchez ordered for her to pay half the value of the marital home. The next thing you know she came into court saying she just didn’t have the money to pay her disabled husband his court ordered award. Judge Sanchez never enforced his own order and she never gave him the money. You have to ask your self why would a judge do that?

  2. I dealt with that judge a lot when I was a social worker.

  3. This entire debacle needs to be brought to the light of day. Many here in the community that these folks live in have watched in disbelief how this court case has been handled and the end result.

  4. Gabriela Gallina | December 29, 2017 at 9:25 pm | Reply

    No respect for this judge. Just watched him let two little boys go back to their father, a child abuser because the father and his gfriend lied in court. They also had the gfriend’s kids lie under oath. Its sad and disgusting. The victim told his story in the judges chambers for fear of his father and this judge wouldnt allow the statements in court. So they didnt apend Christmas with their safe mother instead with their abusive POS father. And we wonder why victim children die in the care of their abusers …. its because of the courts, DCFS and the judges. They are a joke!

  5. The best alternative we have is to vote those in power out for letting something like this to be allowed.

  6. I want to thank the friend for telling our story and letting the public know what has occurred. It is important for all to know what is occurring in our local courts. I am sure we are not the only family that has been treated this way. The most important part to remember is Knowledge is power, and in the words of the other friend who commented on our story -Vote those in power out of office this is the only way things will change down at the county.
    Here is another piece of the puzzle: the wife some how was named the beneficiary her soon to be x-husband’s 400,000 life insurance policy. Our disabled father requested in court several times that he wanted his insurance policy back because he wanted his two sons to be his beneficiary’s. His sons took physical care of their father for the last 6 years of his life. Dad’s request was denied each time. When the divorce was settled the wife was awarded not only her life insurance policy but his insurance policy- “because she deserved it”according to Judge Sanchez. This was awarded to a “wife” who admitted in court she had assaulted this disabled wheelchair bound man. He was afraid of her to the point where he requested and was awarded an order of protection-Here is the request that was filed:Order of Protection Plaintiff: ROBERT E. DAMBACHER Defendant: CHERYL DAMBACHER

    Status: Open Report: Open Aug 27, 2010

    Domestic Violence Summons Issued

    Petition for Order of Protection Filed by

    Emergency Order of Protection Signed Judge: NARDULLI

    Order of Protection Expiration Date on Sep 16, 2010 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 6B

    Disclaimer – Order of Protection Signed Plaintiff: ROBERT E. DAMBACHER
    The case was drawn out over 7 years in the hopes that our father would die- well she got her wish – not more than one month later after receiving her 400,000 dollar life insurance policy payout she has filed another request for 100,000 dollars for being an heir- I wonder if Judge Sanchez will award her this also? Here is the request that was filed:Estate Testate 2 Fee: $242.00 Amount: $100,000.00 Plaintiff: ROBERT L. DAMBACHER
    Affidavit of Heirship Filed by Plaintiff: CHERYL DAMBACHER
    When this divorce began we all thought that once all of the facts were shown in court this would be simple and the assets would divided equally and we would all go on with our lives. It was so far from the truth! We could write a book on the other rulings that took place in this case that made absolutely no sense. From taking his rights way – He was not allowed to make any decision regarding his farm. All of the rights were given to her even though her 2 sons were equal share owners in the farm. She even went as far as firing her sons from the farm, electing a new set of board members of the corporation which included her brother Art Seppi, Mike Woods-her contractor, Larry, Vincent- realtor with her at Charles Robbins. This woman has no shame. Dorothy Seppi Cheryl’s mother came to her grandson letting them know that daughter Cheryl and her son Art were going to “take the farm down using Art Seppi’s influence”. This is such a sick a twisted story- At least everyone know knows just a small part of the injustice that is going on at Sangamon County.

  7. Snarky McSnark | December 31, 2017 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    So the skank in question is “Cheryl Dambacher” who looks on FB like she’s about 79 years old. Who would cheat with some old bag, and more importantly, are there any noods of her or any footage of the cheat-fucking? WHO is she fucking, you forgot that, we need that.
    So to summarize your post and the comments, some poor disabled guy and his kids got fucked out of everything by his ex who is ..their Mom? in divorce court? She’s some rich Realtor bitch with big shot connections and played those to fuck ol boy over and out of the family farm?

  8. Next will be antionette Stubbs. Lol I’d bet almost anything on it.

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