Meet Diondra T. House aka Escort “Jade”

You may remember Diondra as one of the girls picked up in a Prostitution Sting at the Holiday in hotel by the Springfield Police Street Crimes Unit in August of 2014. She was the one who according to police report said it would be $250 for some oral sex. WOW that must be some fire head!


Both of those are screen shots submitted to us of BackPage Escort Ads. The Phone number 217-220-8331 is registered to a Diondra T. House.

For Diondra’s Prostitution charge she plead guilty to 1 year of Conditional Discharge (Probation). On August 25th, 2015 the Probation Department Filed a Violation, which in return caused the Sangamon County States Attorney’s Office to File a Petition to Revoke. There is a Petition to Revoke Hearing Scheduled for Sep 25, 2015 at 9:00AM. Currently it is Unknown what the alleged violation is, we will bring you more when that become public.

In 2014 she also was convicted of Retail Theft in Sangamon County.
In 2012 she was convicted of Obstruction of Identification in Sangamon County.

Enjoy the rest of Diondra’s Mugshots…
DiondraHouse5 DiondraHouse4DiondraHouse3DiondraHouse2DiondraHouse1DiondraHouse

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