Diantha Rose Photography SCAM!!

If you ever come across Diantha Rose Photography, know that she is uneducated in any form of photography, has no sense of lighting, has no real equipment other than a camera, and when she does bad quality photos she still expects a big tip.

Well… What is this the new Yelp?

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11 Comments on "Diantha Rose Photography SCAM!!"

  1. Really? She did my daughter and her best friend’s photos without asking for a cent and never once claimed to be a professional. She did a wonderful job on the pictures and I feel sorry for whoever is low enough to lie about her like this on the internet, whoever they are out there leave the poor girl alone, let her have her hobby and keep whatever issue you have to yourself before more people start calling you out on it.

  2. The new yelp, that’s funny

  3. MY thoughts …..
    obviously she has a fb page. Everyone’s picture taking style is different. If your paying for “professional” photos then you should research your photographer before having her take the pics!
    Just quickly skimming through her page it’s clear to see that most pics of are one small group/family and although posed in some pics most are just basic photos. Maybe do your homework before expecting a professional photo. Looks like just a lady with nice camera

  4. Thoughts regardless I have never claimed to be a professional photographer and I have never charged for the pictures I have taken. Do the community a favor and research your information before posting what any “user” sends you.

  5. Snarky McSnark | December 18, 2017 at 5:59 pm | Reply

    come on where are the slutty nekkid whores already?

  6. Diantha Rose Earl the content is solely created and published by a user. The wording is of the user and is done via an automated submission form.

  7. Horse named Bill | January 6, 2018 at 12:24 pm | Reply

    Is she still in business?

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