Details on Jasen Manuele Recent Arrests for Retail Theft & Violation of an Order of Protection!

Over the last few weeks we brought to you that FaceBook Champion Stalker Jasen Manuele was arrested for Retail Theft & Violation of an Order of Protection.

First lets talk about the Retail Theft Charge..

REALLY JASEN!!?!?!?!? You admitting to stealing HAIR DYE & FACE WASH!! What the hell? Wait a minute aren’t you banned from Walmart anyway for previous retail theft issues there? We reached out to Susan Farr Market Manager for Walmart Stores and was referred to Loss Prevention Management at Walmart Corporation and no return call was made.

What about that Order of Protection Violation??


266 Messages?? Damn!!!

This is a tough one to prove, and I see why the State has yet to pick up charges on it. Who knows sure maybe Jasen did not send the messages, maybe he did delete them who knows. The police did over step it here and sadly I must say Jasen shouldn’t of been arrested since no matter what they couldn’t prove he sent those messages.

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29 Comments on "Details on Jasen Manuele Recent Arrests for Retail Theft & Violation of an Order of Protection!"

  1. 266 messages? Everyone and their Mama knows that was Jasens ass sending those! That dude does way too much. All that damn texting I bet dude could bench press a car with his thumbs.

  2. Do you guys know this dudes address? Thinking I need to get a op against him he keeps messaging me from fake Facebook accounts talking about kidnapping my kid and raping her. I filled a police report with the Riverton police department last year over this dude and they took pictures of my phone and the text messages but only called him and told him to stop contact with me. Now over a year later after I shared your post he’s at it again.

  3. My daughter is only 9 years old I no longer have the texts but police report was filed and the texts were pictured by the police so it should be public record only reason it might not be would be the fact that it was a minor child he threatened

  4. No far from a laughing matter he needs to be taken care of

  5. As soon as he seen that I commented on this I received several messages from Jasen from a bogus account

  6. He is blowing up my inbox right now

  7. I couldn’t find a way to private message you

  8. The name that he is using is Christopher something I’ll check it again it’s like bigoit oor something

  9. Yeah as soon as you comment on here he’s trying to add you and get in your in box.

  10. Nadia this the same dude???

  11. What an undereducated, inbred looking, lame ass……. Always playing the bitch

  12. This dude even has his “2” friends messaging me Melanie McCormick and Joshua Jones. Several people have messaged me asking me to go to court to testify that he threatened to rape my child like he did theirs. He is a child rapist and a woman beater.

  13. He messaged me last night and asked me to meet him at Ridgley school. I don’t know why a school I figured he wouldn’t be allowed within 500 feet of one of those

  14. jasen has been a thief since high school he use to go to the kmart on clearlake and steal cd’s to resell at lanphier people would give him a list of the cds they wanted he would go in and steal them for them. you see a tiger never changes his stripes he’s been a lying stealing pos since high school

  15. He’s disgusting always trying to start drama but can’t finish it

  16. jasen m manuele arrested again violated a order of protection

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