Derek Reents – Beware Of This Man!

Derek Reents he owes around 70,000$ in child support for his son and 24,000$ for his daughter. It may be higher for his son. Hes a drunk and a habitual liar! He also took my car under the influence and wrecked it he was so drunk he urinated his pants in the police report. I am now being sued for $9,016.54 for the vehicle he hit! He busted the windows out of st martin depoores in 2014. Has a felony stalking charge in 2015 because wrote on my house and busted the windows out of my car. He was in a relationship with Krista Brinkly using hallucinogens with her. He worked at Bernie and Bettys Pizza. Beware of this man hes a liar, a drunk and a drug addict. He also has a methamphetamine case from 12 yrs ago. He snitched on everyone involved.

Umm Wow…. – R

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12 Comments on "Derek Reents – Beware Of This Man!"

  1. He ruined my life!

  2. Just confused as to why someone would keep having kids with this person. I mean we all make mistakes, but 3.

  3. She has one child with him. /:

  4. I feel like people are against me for exposing him and his bogis ways…smdh. I requested for this post to be taken down. I should have known better. Society is backwards.

  5. Fuck it. Let them bitch girl. I’d do the same thing.

  6. I just cannot believe people. Let him do it to someone else fuck warning anybody.

    • So one minute u care if he does it to someone else now u don’t just bc of a few negative comments.. wow.. ur very weak minded and let people control ur emotions too easy..

  7. Missy Nelson your awesome n Derrek reents is a real piece of shit back in the day he ran around saying he was a crip a couple summers ago he said he was a Royal he’s a fuck joke

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