Debate: Netflix’s Making A Murderer

So it’s trending all over the Internet…. Yes we are talking about Netflix’s New Documentary Series “Making A Murderer”.

Our staff took the time to watch it the day it came out then afterwards decided to look into it further.

Some are saying the film was only done to help the defense on the case and really portrayed a one sided view.

Today one of the jurors went public and said they believed Mr. Avery was innocent that they only convicted him because they “feared for their life” if they didn’t.

Small town justice at it’s finest…

What’s your input? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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9 Comments on "Debate: Netflix’s Making A Murderer"

  1. He was framed. Sad that the justice system failed him twice. People don’t want to believe cops can be dirty.

  2. I’m pissed I can’t decide if he did it or not but I do no his nephew didn’t deserve time the bones were n his fire pit but then the Keyes and other stuff make me think he was framed I’d feel better if a lie detector was given

  3. They said his brothers had a history of sexual harassment towards women who came to the yard. And could have looked into the ex or the roomie.

  4. Its just really twisted and crazy

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