Dead Beat Mom’s Segment Stephanie Lee Badger #MANBEATER

Meet Stephanie Lee Badger The Owner of Makeup by Stephanie Lee from the 100 Block of Foxx Manor in Chatham!

Boy oh boy has this woman been sent into us numerous times.

Three arrests for Domestic Battery eh? Girl can you calm down!? So since we call guys who hit women #WomanBeaters can we call her a #ManBeater?

With all her small claims hearings, evictions, orders of protections & convictions people need to be aware!

High Class Chatham Housewife? More Like Fake High Class Man Beater!
stephanieleebadger stephanieleebadger1 stephanieleebadger2 stephanieleebadger3 stephanieleebadger4 stephanieleebadger5 stephanieleebadger6

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3 Comments on "Dead Beat Mom’s Segment Stephanie Lee Badger #MANBEATER"

  1. Shit For Brains | September 26, 2016 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    She looks hot in some of the pics! I’d bang it out for sure!

  2. bang it out yeah me to

  3. Her sister taylor vincent is a crackwhore. Runs in the family guys. No one person is perfect in a family of trash

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