Dawson Illinois CHILD SEXUAL PREDATOR Joseph E. Thomas

Take a good luck of this sick man guys!

We have received several emails from our Dawson Area readers who wanted use to share this!

His name is Joseph E. Thomas and he resides at  10627 BELL FOUNTAIN DAWSON , IL 62520.

Mr. Thomas was convicted of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse to a 13 year old kid!

Since his conviction and Prison Time he moved away from where it all happened and chose good old Dawson as his hiding ground.



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13 Comments on "Dawson Illinois CHILD SEXUAL PREDATOR Joseph E. Thomas"

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  2. Marilyn Rexroat Woah…

  3. Christa Marie Mikuleza

  4. Hey Larry Bumgardner keep your eyes open!!!

  5. Mark Ostermeier, do you know this guy?

  6. Brian Rodden, time to get that gun to protect these girls of yours.

  7. I know this guy. He’s a wonderful guy hard worker and actually has 3 children and a wife. I am a firm believer of putting awareness for sexual predators. However, you may want to get your facts completly straight. He was 18 when it happened and the parents decided to press charges. This would be like a senior dating a freshman or 8th grader. Now a days that’s what happens. He is not a sick individual who deserves or needs to be slammed nor does it need to be brought up after the time served. Yes there are many predators out there, however when you’re 18 and someone decides to get mad there’s not much you can do. The same thing happened to my brother as well. They aren’t sitting on the streets waiting for their next “victim” they got in a bad situation and made the wrong choices and in return served their time. Leave it be and focus on the real threats and predators out there. Don’t judge what you don’t know. God bless you all.

    • He was NOT 18 he was 24! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!

    • Seriously Amanda Miller did u know read the crime not to mention I’m pretty sure he attempted to contact the victim/child after he was arrested and sorry it wasn’t a mistake they weren’t in love he is court recognized as a predator they don’t just hand those labels out! Victims and families fight hard for very little justice! He’s registered and working being a part of his family! She as violated and my never see a man in the way she should because of this sick prick now I pray none of those 3 if his are daughters!

    • My assumptions on the story was wrong as I always assumed he was 18. I have only been told the story I was not around when it happened. I saw this and since I know the man I felt the need to defend him as well. His time has been paid and he’s not some predator waiting for the next victim. He made a mistake and is making an honest living to provide for himself and his family. He’s registered and paid his time and doesn’t need to slammed as someone who you can’t even make eye contact with. There are a lot more people out there that need to be focused on. He’s paid his time and still does. As far as the child goes my thoughts are with her and prayers. Knowing from experience, society can either bring up this story over and over and have the young girl and the man involved relive it or they can just drop it and let it be. There is a difference between a predator and someone who made a wrong choice and is trying to straighten their life out. Again, my thoughts are with the young girl involved as well. My point to this rambling is not to start drama or any finger pointing games my point is to focus on the real criminals and predators out there.

    • This is what is wrong with sangamon county. A bunch of people wanting to back sex offenders and treat them nice. Maybe you should go work for probation! Lol.

  8. Pretty sure he is a real criminal! But statistics prove that 87% of sec offenders reoffend so making the public aware of people (criminals) is very necessary to protect our children! And he may not be preying….he may not have to! I’m not for bashing anyone criminals or victims but awareness is needed! Regardless of his “pretty life” story now facts are facts! Not to mention you say he has 3 of his own….so he should have known she was a child she was half his age! Sick! I’m done now and very blessed I live no where near him and protect my kids by gaining knowledge of these kinds of people that are allowed to walk amount us! Thank heavens for second offender registry!

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