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I bought some tires from this company about 4 months ago. After having a check engine light on my car, I took it into my mechanic to have it looked at. He noticed my tires add been wearing weird. After closer inspection we found out my tires were directional tires and they had all been out on backwards. After calling this business, I asked for him to fix the problem since we all make mistakes (no harm no foul) until I took them in he fixed them and then said that will be $40. I said “for what?, you told me you’d fix them since your workers put them on wrong in the first place”. He then proceeded to tell me either pay me or I will put them back on the wrong way and you can go somewhere else” This is unprofessional and places like this shouldn’t be in business. The customer should not have to pay for the problems you caused. How many others has he done this to?

Well this is more of a YELP review, but fuck it anything goes here at Exposed Publishing!

D & T Tires Address: 2201 N Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62702 Phone: (217) 523-9999   – R

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6 Comments on "D an T Tires"

  1. I’ve always had great experience with this company. Anytime I needed a used tire for whatever reason they have always had my size when other companies didn’t, they were fast and friendly. They should have put them on properly without question. If their isn’t any other side to this then it’s bad customer service they provided to you.

  2. Yeah. Dont go to Arthur with the black bus either.. he sellin patched and plugged tires. Got me for a quick $160!

  3. Ive had good luck and guys are nice

  4. Snarky McSnark | July 26, 2017 at 3:15 am | Reply

    Just go to the guys at 9th and S.Grand.

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