Crystal Annlouise Page, Let it Rest! (November 11th, 1993 Harold “HP” Page III Murder)

Meet Crystal Annlouise Page.

You may have heard of Crystal here from stories of Jasen M. Manuele previously on our website.

You may know her from the November 11th, 1993 death of her then 14 Year old brother Harold “HP” Page III. R.I.P Harold.

Ms. Page has went publicly over the years on the death of her brother. Most recently Ms. Page went live on air with the Ray Lytle show during a discussion about Springfield IL Exposed and criticized us for not looking into her brother’s death. Now Ms. Page has never reached out to us about her brothers death, the only time she ever reached out to us was to accuse us of “hacking” into her brothers Facebook account. Its quite funny in that aspect since we received threating messages from that Facebook account around the time she accused us of hacking into it.

During a recent investigation and court ordered documents from Google Inc. its been made clear who was actually logged into her brother account around the time those messages were sent. Now Crystal knows who really accessed the account and sent the messages, likewise so do we from the records. Don’t forget though Crystal has the Federal Bureau of Investigations looking into it and they are pressing Federal Charges (according to her). A spokesperson at the Springfield Illinois Federal Bureau of Investigations denied that any investigation was ongoing into the alleged “hacking” of one persons Facebook Memorial Page, likewise any Investigations in Springfield IL Exposed Publishing (which Crystal also alleged).

Now all of the Administrators and the Founder of Springfield Exposed over the course of several days reviewed every piece of paper in the records in relation to the death of Harold Page III.  Granted this investigation was in 1993 and a lot has changed over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the case netted a conviction. Now a lot is left up to Prosecution Discretion when charging a case like the one of Harold Page’s death. Sangamon County Assistant State’s Attorney John Milhiser stated previously that it’s tough to tell how he would have handled the case if it were up to him.

“There are a whole bunch of reasons why we may or may not charge someone in a case like that,” Milhiser said.

Michael Gansbauer who was 17 at the time of the murder, was convicted and sentenced to 40 Years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. He was released in November of 2013 after serving his required time.

Crystal has always asserted that John Rockwood who was also present during the murder should have been charged. John Rockwood was not charged with any crime in the murder though. It is believed because his testimony was to be used by prosecutors to help convict Michael Gansbauer. One problem is that Michael Gansbauer pled guilty and his own confession was enough to put him away. Likewise meaning that John Rockwood may have gotten a deal from prosecutors to avoid prison time without giving anything in return.

On March 30th, 2012 John Rockwood passed away in Springfield, IL. RIP John. He was never charged with any crime in connection to the death of Harold Page.

In 1998, a Sangamon County judge granted Crystal Page a civil judgment against Gansbauer and Rockwood for $1 million each in connection with the murder. Now remember in civil court they rule much differently than Criminal Court. In civil court they rely on a “preponderance of the evidence” degree which means that more then 50% of the evidence points to something.  For example: At the end of civil case A v. B, 51% of the evidence favors A. Thus, A has a preponderance of the evidence, A has met their burden of proof, and A will win the case. Unlike in a criminal case how it must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”

In 2010 Crystal Page told the Illinois Times that she wasn’t very concerned with getting paid by Michael Gansbauer because he was already paying for his crime in prison. “I feel that Rockwood should have to pay for his part,” Crystal Page said. “He caused the whole situation, and he walked away with nothing. … It was a really senseless slaying.”

That didn’t stop Crystal on September 26th, 2013 60 days from Michael’s release from filing a motion to get a court hearing (please take note victim’s families are notified of pending release of violent offenders around 60 days from their release).

In January of 2015 the Honorable Judge Peter Cavanagh ordered “Mr. Gansbauer is to have no contact with Ms. Page or any of her associates as Ms. Page is to have no contact with  Mr. Gansbauer or his associates. Mr. Gansbauer is to continue to make payments of $50.00 per month.” Apparently there were some issues between the parties, even though its alleged that Mr. Gansbauer met with Ms. Page after his release and answered any questions she had. A source close to both of them stated “Crystal was not happy with Mikes answers”.

An anonymous source in the Sangamon County States Attorneys office knew of Crystal very well when we asked them about her. They stated that over the years they couldn’t tell you how many times she has came in trying to reopen her brothers murder case and try and get a few other people charged in connection with the case. They also said don’t forget the countless other cases she comes in crying about, they referred to her as CRY-Stal.

Crystal after looking over all the stuff, we have to agree with the States Attorneys office. Though I am sure that back then the State’s Attorney Don Cadagin had a very tough decision in charging the case and ultimately letting Mr. Gansbauer plea out.

Like wise we understand your need to push for the money with your 10 or so Eviction / Small Claims hearings you have been apart of. Let alone your 35+ Order of Protection cases you have been apart of over the years. Trust I understand gas and time isn’t cheap. Thank god they don’t charge to file those OPs or you’d be really hurting.

Now over 20 years later in our opinion after our review Crystal its time to let is rest.

Take a look at some of Crystals Mugshot, funny thing is she was never formally convicted on any charges from these arrests.

CrystalAnnlouisePage CrystalAnnlouisePage1 CrystalAnnlouisePage2 CrystalAnnlouisePage3 CrystalAnnlouisePage4


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15 Comments on "Crystal Annlouise Page, Let it Rest! (November 11th, 1993 Harold “HP” Page III Murder)"

  1. How did John Rockwood die?

  2. If it is a loved one its hard to let it go ever. Her brother is gone and that pain will never go away.

  3. And got her no where lol just like the FBI is involved, that was a lie.

  4. It’s funny someone begs on live radio for a story to be done, then cries when it is done. Oh well welcome to Springfield.

    • It is because you was being assholes. You could had left the dead out of it. That is very dirty. You should had not even done the news on this at all if all you was going to do is disrespect the dead.

  5. Anyone that’s close friends with Jasen is trash.

  6. This bitch is crazy.

    Crazy from waaaay back…

  7. I can’t believe there aren’t 100’s of comments on this chick. She has literally shown her crazy all over this town.
    She’s had like 4, or is it 5 kids, ALL removed from her custody. Her last child’s father was a Collingwood. She slit her own throat for attention.
    And that was the 90’s.
    She’s moved on to tormenting TONS of other people.
    Ijs, this must not have been on the Facebook feed.. Lol.

  8. john rockwood was a pos always was he used to suck his baby brothers dick in the swimming pool

  9. Rockwood told on lots of people back in the day before the murder even

  10. We have been watching a very very long time.

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