Crime Stoppers Forgets To Give Credit To Local New Media Outlets…

Remember our story WANTED FUGITIVE ALERT!!! – Alexis A. Meyer (Alleged Purse Snatcher)- Full Story!! ?

Local Social Media Group 217 Problems & its New Media Blogger Brian Berns originally brought light to the situation after reading an Letter to the Editor in the State Journal Register. Mr. Berns unleashed his power in the social media whelm and raised a ton of money and put a ton of pressure on the police and traditional media.

When local authorities released the photo it was only a matter of hours before 217 Problems and even our organization had identified the woman in the surveillance photo that was released. Likewise both organizations told their readers to contact crime stoppers with their information.

In a Followup Crime Stoppers announcement over the weekend in the State Journal Register (Click Here For Story) Crime Stoppers Coordinator Mike Badger announced that tips had increased in 2015 verse 2014 but he didn’t have a real reason for why they did.

Officer Badger went on to say the crime with the most tips received was the purse snatching case mentioned above… “That was unbelievable,” Badger said. “That’s four times the number of tips we generally get on a high profile case. (I think it was) partially because there was surveillance video and the suspect’s photo was in the newspaper. There were a lot of people who recognized and identified that person.”

I have to disagree with you a little bit here Mike. You probably received so many tips because 217 Problems shared that photo with over 40,000 people on their Facebook Fan Page. While here at Exposed Publishing, NFP our story was viewed over 62,000 times on our website. It is okay though give the News Paper all the credit, they wouldn’t have done near the publicity on the matter if it wasn’t for the pressure of 217 Problems.

Likewise the rest of your increase could also be from the 35,000+ daily visitors that visit our website and read our publishing on the Springfield Police Can You Identify as well as your Crime of the Week. Sure it is not all of it, but lets be honest the New Media is changing the way crime is being solved.

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2 Comments on "Crime Stoppers Forgets To Give Credit To Local New Media Outlets…"

  1. Love Springfield EExposed and 217 Problems

  2. Springfield is in its own Blackhole, when it comes to not realizing that Social Media, especially Group Sourcing is the 21st Century way of getting the message and news out.

    Channel 20, SJ-R and Illinois Times are nothing more than has beens. They are like that old person sitting at home and still has a Black & White tv with Aluminum foil for the antenna, a Rotary phone and listens only to one radio station on AM.

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