Crime Stoppers Crime of The Week!

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
February 18, 2016

Officer Mike Badger
Crime Stoppers Coordinator for Sangamon and Menard counties.

With our early spring-likeweather, Crime Stoppers wants to alert the public that Spring is also the time
of the year that drivers tend to relax and fall into bad habits as road and
weather conditions improve. Police respond to traffic crashes year round however,
with the change in driving conditions, the causes of crashes also change. In
good weather there is always an increase in crashes due to distracted driving, particularly
crashes due to texting while driving. Texting while driving not only leads to more
rear end crashes- it can and has caused severe injury crashes and even
fatalities. Don’t make a mistake that can impact your life forever, don’t text and drive.
Although Crime Stoppers doesn’t take tips regarding traffic and motorist activity, we are always
looking for tips about ongoing criminal activity. If you have information we
can use, call Crime Stoppers at 788-8427 or use our website,
Help us solve crime in Central Illinois and please – drive safely.

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