Crime Stoppers Crime Of The Week

Crime Stoppers

Crime of the Week

February 11, 2016


This week Crime Stoppers wants to bring to your attention that there are people in the area who distract shoppers- and steal handbags or pocketbooks from shopping carts. The perpetrators are most often females who either engage the victims while others commit the theft or solo thieves who quietly slip by and steal while the victim is focused on shopping. Police recently made an arrest, with the benefit of store surveillance cameras, however these types of crimes happen all too often and the criminals must be stopped. If you see something like this going on immediately notify store employees. And if you know someone involved in these crimes, call Crime Stoppers

The victims do not deserve the grief that these heartless criminals are causing . Crime Stoppers wants to help take criminals off the street so if you have information, call us anonymously at 788-8427. We’ll pay cash for anonymous tips that lead to arrests.


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