Crime Stoppers Crime Of The Week!

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

December 17, 2015


This week Crime Stoppers wants to take a minute to ask those of you who live or work in Springfield to support the new Campus Crime Stoppers programs which were formed at Lanphier, Southeast, and Springfield High Schools. These programs are run by students who want to create a better environment in their schools, a better place to learn, and a better place to enjoy their teenage years. The Campus Crime Stopper programs provide a means for students to anonymously report the criminals and violators who are responsible for so many negative things that go on in the schools.

If you expand on that line of thought a little, consider what the existing Crime Stoppers program is already doing for the communities we’re a part of in Central Illinois. Crime Stoppers of Sangamon and Menard counties has help law enforcement take thousands of criminals off the streets and has recovered millions of dollars worth of drugs and stolen property. If you know someone who is responsible for criminal activity, call Crime Stoppers on the anonymous tip line 788-8427. We all want a better place to live and prosper in, and doing your part in taking criminals off the street is a great way to improve life for all of us. You can give a tip and make our community better on the web site or by text if you don’t want to call the tip line. Text instructions are also on the site, and all tips are anonymous!

Though we take tips 365 days a year, we also want to remember the holiday season and wish the best to you and your families….

Happy Holidays from Crime Stoppers!

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