Crime Stoppers Crime Of The Week!!

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

November 12, 2015

Mike Badger, Crime Stoppers Coordinator for Sangamon and Menard Counties

This week Crime Stoppers is looking for information about persons who have broken into vehicles while the car owners were enjoying recreational areas and parks all over the central Illinois area. There have been incidents in Springfield, Peoria, Linclon, Pekin and other communities and police believe at least some of the burglaries may be related. The Morton Illinois Police Department has provided us with surveillance photos of suspects attempting to cash checks which were stolen from some of the vehicles and we’d like to help identify the perpetrator to see if this person is responsible for some of the burglaries and thefts from vehicles at parks in our area.

If you recognize the person find the “Give a Tip” tab on the website to get the information to us, we’ll pass it along to police. You can also call Crime Stoppers with your tips at 788-8427 or text a tip to us. Remember, all tips to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and you can earn a cash reward if your tip leads to and arrest.

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9 Comments on "Crime Stoppers Crime Of The Week!!"

  1. I’m confused. These are posted which encourages people to “snitch” for a reward. But a couple previous posts were exposing “snitches”. So which is it? Do we want “snitches” or not? Or only for certain things? If so what things? I need to know where the line is!

  2. So are you going to post people who turn them in as snitches?

  3. The snitch alert we don’t review at all once an email comes in its tagged and posted. It’s user based content. If we are asked to do a fully story we will investigate into it fully.

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