Credit pro autos = con

Whatever you do do NOT buy a car from credit pro autos in springfield illinois. They will sell you a lemon. I noticed an oil leak the same day i had the oil changed for the first time, which i checked under the vehicle when it was sitting on the lot. No leaks! They said they would fix it but i would have to pay for it. Also transmission has been slipping real bad, which was really tight when we test drove the vehicle. I believe they used the old saw dust in the transmission trick. Anyways let me save you ALOT of money dont buy a car from these people, please dont find this out the hard way. 2.7 rating on google

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  1. I thought everyone knew about credit pro autos policy. They buy junk cars tape them up make them look nice and run good while you test drive them. They are all junk cars. I learned the hard way also. Read some of their reviews

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