Crazy Man OP DENIED!!! – Jasen Manuele

We are sure everyone has heard enough about our Local Alleged FaceBook Stalker Jasen Manuele!

Jasen Manuele At It Again – Another OP Filed

We brought you that story the other day, and we are proud to say that Honorable Judge Davis DENIED Jasens Petition for another Order Of Protection!

09/18/2015 Order on Petition for Emergency Order of Protection Signed
Judge: DAVIS
This matter is before the court on the Petitioner’s Petition for an Emergency Stalking/No Contact Order without notice to the Respondent. The Petitioner has been sworn. Based upon the testimony presented in open court, the court finds and orders as follows: 1. The Petition for an Emergency Stalking/No Contact Order without notice is denied. Good cause to grant the relief requested without notice to Respondent had not been shown. 2. No emergency exists. 3. The Petition for Stalking/No Contact Order is dismissed. Cause stricken. 4. Matter was heard on 9/17/15 during Plenary OP hearing. Clerk: DM


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10 Comments on "Crazy Man OP DENIED!!! – Jasen Manuele"

  1. Lmao!! This is great! I sure would have liked to be in the court room when it was denied!! Oh and the car ride home with his mommy and daddy!!! Everyone needs to send the judge a thank you card!!!

  2. Was this the one he got on Jayson the day after it was dropped???

  3. There’s a Facebook page for him now lol

  4. Haha! Fucking hilarious! #GoogleFamous

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