Crack Kills… Tara Flanigan What Are You Thinking!!?

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Meet Tara Flanigan…

Comes from Rochester, turned into an alleged escort, danced at a local strip club, to this picture submitted to us of her allegedly smoking crack 7 months pregnant!

What the hell are you thinking Tara??

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84 Comments on "Crack Kills… Tara Flanigan What Are You Thinking!!?"

  1. Seriously please say that is not a crack pipe! Seriously anyone know any dcfs case workers? Adrian Greene!

  2. Even if it’s not crack in the pipe it doesn’t matter. Don’t smoke ANYTHING when pregnant. Ever. No matter how far along you are. Trust me, I’m a doctor.

  3. How can you tell she is pregnant? Nothing about this picture looks like she is preggo, I mean I’m totally against it all but your just taking hear say and then trash talking someone online.

  4. Steve Smith look at this I’m so dead.

  5. Ramona Schroeder is that that one girl

  6. none of you know her at all! her son is handsome and healthy!! this picture was years ago so everyone just be quiet!!

  7. Fist off ik her personally.. Yes she’s done things on her past. But this is totally bs.. Someone is posting stuff all over fb .. This pic is over a year old and she is not pregnant in this pic.. You people need to get a life. Her ex boyfriend is doing this and its just sick.. The girl has got her life together.. We all have made mistakes.. No I don’t agree with anyone doing drugs but damn lets bash them on social media .. Y’all are pathetic

  8. Fuck everyone who has anything to say about this. This was taken well over a year ago. Dcfs really I bet my life is more straight than all your right now

  9. Do you know who took this?

  10. Yes and he’s going to jail he put my pic on back page too had to change my number people started calling me

  11. I’m so sorry you have to go through this Tara Walker!! no one deserves any of this!

  12. Tara Walker funny you responded to some of those messages people sent you from back page…

  13. No I didn’t respond to any of them where do you see that at

  14. No he deleted it before I got to it

  15. But the police will find it

  16. This site is a fucking joke if you ask me.

  17. I don’t know her from apple butter but here’s my input anyway. You can’t tell that she’s pregnant by this picture posted. I don’t know anything about crack or any other drug like it…but I think that looks like a pot pipe. I don’t care if she’s a stripper or an escort. Any mother that cares about there unborn child wouldn’t put them at risk. People have said her son is happy and healthy. That’s great! If she was on drugs I assume her ob would have known since they do collect urine samples all the time when your pregnant not to mention blood work throughout the pregnancy. Her dr would have contacted dcfs or police. By law they have to. So it is very possible that someone is just trying to start shit! People do that a lot every day! Tara, honey if you have any type of drug issue get some help for your sake and your child’s! If not then just let this roll off your back as much as possible!

    • Serina Caswell | November 2, 2015 at 5:37 am | Reply

      They do not test urine for drugs during pregnancy check ups unless they have a reason to. They test for infection, check for gestational diabetes markers, etc.

  18. 7/31/2015 4:34 pm = date and time picture was taken = 7 months prego or was that 8? so nope not years ago…. 3 months ago since yesterday. that is a proven fact. Cant fake that shit. notice she didn’t deny what it is what she was doing but only the date. hmmmm looks like she been lieing to a lot of people.

  19. This site is too funny. Just be sure that if the admin or creator of this ever gets into trouble we can trash them too. It’s only fair.

  20. Tara Walker turning tricks at the Midtown Inn??

  21. Robert why are you bashing her whe you were gettin with her last year too?? We all seen that printout. You can’t be mad because she’s not with you.I saw her the other day and it’s the healthiest she’s ever been. And no she didn’t say it’s wasn’t crack..she cn admit she used to do wrong.. But the point should be she’s getting back on track. Don’t knock anyone down that is trying to recover Robert

  22. no it was not in july! or she would have pictures of an infant right! no she does not have a baby her son is healthy and she’s not prego! who cares she use to do drugs I’m sure you did to Robert since u know her right? people change and me being a female would do ANYTHING to take care of my children! and stripping and an escort legally I would do….this site likes to just make lies it’s funny! cuz people are pathetic to try and trash people! obviously the admins sit at home just looking for lies! good luck with your sorry lives!

    • She had a baby in middle of September this year…. it was a girl. I think it was on a Monday the 14th but i could be off a day. Guess you didn’t know that or know her very well if you did not know that. The facts are right there in front of you so denial just makes you look ignorant. Sorry if she did not consider you a good enuf friend to keep you in the loop about her pregnancy. . She did try to hide it for a long time from her family so your not alone. She does not have pictures of a infant because only mothers that care about there children are proud to be mothers and do things like that. Crack addicts only care about getting high not taking pictures of there children, that takes time and money = less time and money for crack. I got a copy of a pic off her face book page to help you connect the dots. She looks a little strung out don’t you think?

      • I’m pretty sure your going to jail you lame piece of shit. Your the one with no job. You have no friends. All you do is get high all day long. Sorry for me wanting to change my life around and get away from fucked up people. You are not hurting me at all. I don’t care what you or anyone else in this world thinks of me cause I know and god knows my life is better. I’ve got thousands of dollars saved up I work almost everyday my son and daughter have everything they need. There is not one drug in my system. Don’t get mad cause you can’t find your drugs and I told you I want nothing to do with you or drugs. Get over it Robert nobody in this world wants anything to do with you creep. Keep it going you will be served soon. Hate me cause I’m sober world. That’s all I’ve got to say fuck off

  23. So do you block people after you talk trash to them or about them? I bet you have a long list of people you blocked so they can’t stick up for themselves and so their friends and family can’t back them up!

  24. Roflmfao yes I love population control!!! Fuck it.

  25. I hope someone turns her in to dcfs & they take that baby when he/she is born. Pathetic!!!

  26. This is why every woman should be drug tested at every appointment. If they fail any, they should be in a rehab until the baby is born, in my opinion. Just sad. I hate this shit

  27. They need to make it a law that ppl like this go to jail or something. Seen way too many innocent babies born messed up cuz bs like this. Makes me sick to my stomach

  28. Look I was so sick my last pregnancy n I started smoking pot again too eat n I got treat as a junky n that nurse made me feel so horrible about myself! But crack is ok???? Makes no damn since soooo many women really do test positive n nothing happens

  29. I had a child in my class that was born addicted to Crack. It’s the saddest thing to watch a child struggle because the selfishness of their parent..

  30. This same shit was posted a few months ago. Not enough new drama?

  31. The motherfucker who took this pick should be smacked in the mouth

  32. Who would ever take a picture smoking crack ?

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