Crack Kills Debbie Sue Dyer Hibbs

Get off of the crack cocaine Debbie Sue Dyer Hibbs, or whatever the fuck your name is!!! Omfg

WTF? – R

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13 Comments on "Crack Kills Debbie Sue Dyer Hibbs"

  1. Debbie Sue Dyer Hibbs

  2. Ashley Cook-Boyer David L Hibbs Ashley Howlett

  3. So we don’t know that she is actually in crack? That’s a sad thing to assume about someone.

  4. That is one of my family membershe doesn’t do crack all she does is smoke weed and pop pills and a big time drinker

  5. Jasen Manuel just mad cause he cant rape no more kids of hos choice cause he got op on his ass and no woman wants his molester ass

  6. I seen jasen manueles name so that means he is still a hardcore internet gangbanging baddass.. And he smokes crack you smoke crack somebody lost there crack

  7. Yhat is jasen manueles bit h ass….

    Aye Debbie Sue Dyer Hibbs you still trying to sell that phone?

  8. I see jasen found another way to bash people u worthless POS why don’t u go and stick ure opinion down ure through cause u are just as bad as them at least I can say I didn’t get accused of sex crimes and try to hide them

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