Cory Reed’s “Osaka Receipt” Is NOT What You Think!

So you may have seen this local image rolling around social media in the last 24 hours.

Well you notice that Cory Reed doesn’t say what server “scott” or the management of the restaurant did when Cory and his “sister” complained. Or that both his sister’s and his check shared the same total.

We have spoken to Osaka Japanese Restaurant and gotten the facts for you.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant has acknowledged a computer error that happens when a check is “split” causing the totals to be the same on the checks after split.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant stated that both checks would have shown the same total and is caught usually by the sever if not both customers realize before ever paying.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant  states that NO customer was over charged during this photo, and they are working to fix the issue.

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33 Comments on "Cory Reed’s “Osaka Receipt” Is NOT What You Think!"

  1. Anyone told Cory Reed yet?

  2. Are we just taking the word of the restaurant or we just going to be neutral, because neither party are going to say ..we are bullshitters.

  3. Lorene Nika did you see this

  4. Why is anyone splitting a check. Just ring up separate checks period then won’t have this problem

  5. I think still Osaka at fault should not have to add your bill yourself to catch there error if was not caught it would be in there pocket

  6. What’s the exposed part here? He said “almost” got screwed in his op. To a logical mind that would indicate it was addressed. Not sure what you feel you have uncovered here….it was a good thing to share because most people don’t add up their check.

  7. Funny thing is our receipts were not the same price at all and we never blamed the server we said he was good and still tipped him 20% and yes he corrected the ticket as soon as we seen it this all was done to just be a public service announcement for consumers of any business to be aware to pay attention so your hard earned money isn’t taken from you. This company needs to get this Corrected. Would we have talked to a manager about it right then yes but we were the only people in there and it was closing. Do we plan to address this tomorrow during regular business hours YES! Again this is not aimed at the server as he did his part to correct the issue.

  8. Our checks were not “split.” Our totals would have been the same nor were they, this was to simply share that there had to have been a computer glitch and for future to check your receipts. We had it fixed before we even paid, but who knows how many people this “glitch” effected. If people read the comments we clearly stated our server was great and still tipped him plenty after this mistake that we honestly didn’t know if it was him or not. The issue here was the $17 was added to our total with no explanation (not gratuity) and a different amount added to the other family members. Our checks being at the same table had nothing to do with it.

  9. Regardless what they say when you add what is on their receipt it is wrong! Its simple math! #SCAMMERS

  10. Looks to me like he was simply telling people to pay attention to your bills before paying, that’s all just letting people know it was an mistake and can easily happen

  11. I think most people look at their bills and know how much they are. I have been there many times and my bill was always correct. And who tips 20% anymore?? I always tio at least 30%.

    • It doesn’t matter how much we tipped, the point was to say we clearly weren’t blaming the server, it’s not like we took anything from his tips or treated him poorly, not knowing what happened.

  12. That is very well said should not have to tally your receipt it was Osaka fault they should have not charged the person either

  13. Do the math folks. There’s an extra $16.50 added to the total on this bill. $51.50 should’ve been the total prior to taxes, however it’s showing a total of $68.00 before taxes. It’s not showing a meal or drinks just the extra $16.50 on the total.

  14. Well actually Corey Did explain in the comments exactly what the server/management did. It doesn’t matter why the error happened. It still happened. And had Corey, the customer, not noticed it he would have been over charged. Do you think the owner of Osaka is going to say “oh ya. We over charge all the time and hope no one notices!” Corey was not in the wrong to bring this to people’s attention. Maga!!!!!

  15. Just saying 20% isn’t that much anymore.

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