Corrupt State Agency/Employee

***Illegal conduct,coverup by State of Illinois Employee and DORS/DHS agency***

DHS/DORS Employee fraud, and data entry address foulplays and harassment causing loss of care for elder woman/ loss of job temporarily for PA

Below is some excerpts from a letter I have written and mailed to several news agencies, Senators, The Governor, Lt. Governor, and state and local representatives. I am passing it along to you hoping an investigation will be opened up into the fraud in the Springfield Illinois office we are being told that one employees checks are being sent to Rockford because of a data entry error she is now waiting on three checks and she will be filing a report if she hasn’t already for theft, as KIM BRANSON laughed at her and asked “how did you know”, our PA replied “cause I’m not getting paid” because those checks were sent and cash because of data entry errors that could possibly be by the same employee that is causing the circumstances mentioned Below in the letter or it could be a result of illegal activity by Kim BRANSON and a cover-up by her superiors.

“Hello my name is Robert Rhodes, I am an Administrative Law Judge (State of Illinois), Disabled and Former Police Officer. My wife Mary Rhodes is a former security officer and Activity Director at several area nursing homes including LMCV and Virdern Nursing Center. Mary is now 65 and has been bedridden since 2010.”

“Recently the SJ-R ran an ad/letter about her son working endlessly to get her to a church and an event after 7 years of only attending hospitals and Dr appointments. Later today because of the own state I work for Department of Rehabilitation Services and a certain caseworker whom we will be filing charges against here by a few different people over the course of the next week or two along with a possible other AGENCIES”

“Yesterday morning at approximate 10 a.m. the PA who has been here for 7 years has dedicated his life 24/7 to taking care of Mary”

“Emily inform him that him and his brother had been suspended because of an APS investigation .”

“No warning to the DORS customer, myself or Mary prior to suspending the working pas, if this hadn’t been my son what would that person who had no loyalty to Mary or my family could have done if they were called, suspending them while in the same home with the patient that you are suspending them for Hurting????”

“On the 21st we had fired and employee his name is James Crepin he actually turned out to be a sexual predator who somehow got thru the background check (because of a plea bargain)charged with a lesser charge and what he was originally charged with or should have been charged with he in turn caused a wound on Mary and stole stuff from my property he was released since then this gentleman is facing charges in Taylorville, Christian County presently”

“On September 25th 2016 APS, adult protection services, received a phone call stating that Mary Rhodes was having her meds stolen and being neglected, now remember DORS still as of 10/21/2017 has never informed the Customer or RETURNED any calls from Emily to Angie to The Director, Eric.”

“Adult Protection Services came out to the home, spoke to the caregiver at the time showing her badge introducing yourself then saying that she needed to speak to Mary. Mary answered several questions, unable to speak she nods her answers or she types it out on an iPad in front of her using the few percent of movement that she has in her whole entire body to write us a single message, now remember Mary is a stroke patient with barely any movement, has a POA, unable to speak, all this while I have still NEVER been informed of the situation.”

“Three weeks later the Personal assistant on duty, Jeremy receives the phone call at 10:15 a.m. (yesterday morning as i write this letter) stating that these two were suspended upon further investigation know names were mentioned in the case of the call to the APS. The APS investigation started on September 25th”

“Polly (APS) had no concerns, was not worried and the only drama and trouble that we were having centers around the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services division and its employee Kim Branson, caseworker for Mary Rhodes.”

“Along with this case, The agency and this case worker is involved with another one of our personal assistant checks, her checks went to Rockford, total differen department and region. This Individual Provider is waiting for her 3rd check but she has continued to care for Mary because of the great family that we are and the care that my son and Individual Provider Jeremy gives Mary and the other PAs.”

“I was hung up on talking to Darreck Mann in the DORS DHS fraud division when I asked one question upon realization they were not here to assist their own DORS client/customer. That question was “when was DORS notified of the APS phone call and the allegations made in regards to Mary’s care, Darreck Mann refused to answer this simple question upon questioning why neither the customer or patient was contacted by DORS or DHS for over three weeks. Darreck continued by saying “yeah bye” and hung up.”

“Upon that I returned the call to Natalie at the APS asking her the same question I had asked Darreck. Natalie stated receive their phone call on the 25th of September and on the 26th of September a letter was sent out to DHS saying there is nothing found investigations almost over and we will close out on the 24th.”

“Natalie further states that in the letter the only thing said to DORS was that there is in investigation regarding Mary Rhodes, no suspect names were mentioned.”

“Even though Kim Branson at DHS office said that two specific Individual Providers had both been indicated and suspended ”

“I have a time line for over two years of harassment by Kim BRANSON using her position to commit harassment, fraud, and illegal activities. Never once was the power of attorney or Mary’s husband EVER notified that there was a case pending until an hour after the PA had been suspended leaving Mary with no one to take care of her, not one single PA to take care of her in our home. I was only notified by the suspended individual provider, thank god. I am disabled barely making it to my death, diagnosed with bladder cancer in June 2013 in my 6th active bout and then next Tuesday I have to have a surgery and now they have eliminated my wifes only care”


ROBERT was hospitalized in memorial medical center for stress, heart, and breathing complications because of the stress beginning in this morning and continued, after being released from the hospital only to return home to a letter from Kim Branson about a violation of overtime policy even though from day one the overtime in my home has been approved for Mary rhodes through Emily Bergman and Eric the director at dors but because of illegal activity fraud harassment and communicated by myself in documentation from day one even receiving a few days before receiving this violation letter from Kim Branson I personally received the letter for the state of Illinois approving all over time up to 365 days.”

“Mary will be being taken by ambulance to Memorial Medical Center to have a wound change by force, against true will, because we have no one on our nursing staff now because DHS fell to follow protocol, fell to inform a custom of a possible neglect. The caseworker that handles our case, because of a personal vendetta that can now be proven, even a year ago when we had a meeting on December 9th 2016 with all parties involved other individual providers and the director at doors who has repeatedly told us there is no concerns no worries. During this meeting Jeremy claimed that this was a personal thing and he was told by Eric, Kim’s boss that this was not the case there was no personal vendetta no one was out to get him but now he has proof of connections after looking on Facebook and seeing not only her party photos and how she operates her life, he has also found that she is friends with members of his ex’s family or has knowledge of them around the same time he began having problems with this lady. This is the same time approximately that Kim Branson begin manipulating timesheets of his address (Approx September 2015) and another PA and her 3 checks (September 2017) and now has gone to as far as to cost him his job (10/18/17) and potentially he will be terminated if she has made her illegal way good enough.”

Robert is the main person, the homeowner, Mary’s power of attorney, the Dors Customer thru POA and yet he has not been question, had no knowledge other than what he’s been told because of PA, there has been no legal protocol.”

“Later today because of this agencies failed protocols, actions by Kim BRANSON this 65 year old lady will be forced to go by ambulance and we also have video of the call when she learned by the phone call at 10:15 a.m. yesterday that she was losing her only PA typing out and her invalid words I can’t live without Jeremy (taking care of me).”

“Mary is not the only elderly person facing things like this whether it be because the states budget or because of a Vendetta against a physical assistant that is on your caseload.”

Robert Rhodes

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11 Comments on "Corrupt State Agency/Employee"

  1. The letter makes no sense. No one will take this serious when you can’t be concise in your writing. I have no idea what the allegations are reading all that nonsense. Terrible

    • What do you expect from the family that runs this joke of a blog site. They failed on trying to slander and sexually stalk females, with one still being an open case and they have not removed her pictures and other info in an attempt to slander her, shows how low these lowlifes that run this will go.

    • I apologize for the mess, I wasn’t thinking to organize it better for those who would want facts because I know them, again I apologize and I have provided an update. It’s been a very stressful and now worry some fear of what’s to come with the loss of income.

  2. Nothing more than false accusations again by this fantasy blog. Maybe when you are not drunk, you can follow proper channels. Taylorville also has its own hospital and no one would be brought all the way to Springfield for wound care. Because someone is a sexual predator, they cannot just slip through the system.

  3. Snarky McSnark | October 22, 2017 at 3:05 am | Reply

    Please attempt to reformat this letter as a timeline, so that we may try to figure out just what the fuck it’s about. Thanks.

    • I apologize and u provided an update, I was just under slot of stress and more coming now. I may give in and sign the papers because I lost a month pay and I’m feeling it starting now and it will only get worse. But I apologize, I was and am still trying to get help and that was my early on rough draft email of all the evidence togethe, some of that you didn’t even need to include but I understand better now how your page works and while I don’t agree with all articles I agree with your position of why you do it, everyone should have somewhere they can go to share their voice, it’s us to us as individuals to examine the facts and make our own judgement that’s right. Thanks for giving me somewhere I can start to get my voice heard. Sorry for the confusion

  4. Hello, I am actually writing to help clear up some of the confusion by the user story I submitted. I apologize for the confusion as it has been a whirlwind of events since these incidents escalated.
    Due to ongoing and further litigation, I don’t want to say too much more but I’ll point out the case evidence provable facts:

    1. I began working as a personal assistant in home healthcare in November 2011

    2. During sometime 2014, suddenly I began receiving tons of letters about inaccurate clock in/outs, etc. I would learn later this is around the time Kim Branson took over the state case file for this customer. Hmmm…..coincidence???

    3. Upon multiple requests by me through the state and customer I continually requested a meeting finally receiving one in December 2016. Requested by me to attend and present was our Caseload Coordinator, Kim Branson, her supervisor at the time, and this areas director of DORS /DHS Erik Hanson, the customers representative, and a fellow coworker.

    4. During this meeting it was told to me that despite my accusations including tampering with timesheets, tampering with my personal information, tampering with my mail and other personal documents known or not known, with insufficient evidence we have to agree to move forward. I gladly was willing to forget, move on. I like my job and have already made strides to go further in the healthcare field and was making great strides til the latest attack on me by Mrs. Branson. I was told by the director despite my concerns this was not a personal attack, theres n conspiracy.

    5. The next few months were kinda of quiet then the letters of violations began again. Getting to a close point of where they could terminate not only my position but the customers hours of care through her own personal accounts whom take care of her daily.

    6. Another employee was terminated on 9/21/17 by the customer and as happens more often than not the terminated employee tried to get revenge by stating false information as facts. In this instance the now ex-employee called Adult Protective Services (APS) and made a complaint, this complaint was made on 9/25/17

    7. The next day on September 26, 2017, the customer received a visit from the APS, this is the first time we learn of the investigation. During her visit the APS case worker questioned the other employee present at the time and the patient. The case worker had no worries and it seemed upon her leaving that we would soon receive an unfounded letter. We actually didn’t worry about it because we knew the quality of care and life the customer has and will continue to receive.

    8. State protocol is to immediately suspend the accused or all in order to protect the customer. The customer only knows the complaint was made by an employee and it’s going to be unfounded.


    9. On 10-18-17, I was called by DORS supervisor Emily Bridgman, I was working at approx 10:15 am when I was told I was suspended, upon asking why she brought up the APS. I told her what, that was over three weeks ago, she stated they just got told and there protocol is to suspend the employee or employees involved therefore me and the other employee were suspended til further notice.

    10. No one, not the customer, not her power of attorney, not her husband were informed of anything other than the approx. hour or so visit from the APS, which we knew went well and was no concerns by the APS case investigator.

    11. I was the only personal assistant working at the time of the suspension call and I was the first and only person notified of the investigation and suspension, the suspension was a result of the APS investigation.

    If patient was in danger good thing they called when I was the only one present with her???

    12. Knowing the APS originally planned to make an unfounded decision i contacted the APS, the investigator informed me that the state received the complaint on the same day of our original visit on 9-26-2017 despite Kim and Emily stating they just received it on 10-18-2017. The investigator also asked why “I” was the one suspended and I said “because you guys are investigating me” and she said “no, we’re investigating a complaint in regards to (patients name)”, “no names were given in the complaint or to the state”, further stating she “didn’t know your name til you called other than the other employee mentioning I was another caretaker of the patients”.
    Upon hearing this information and knowing my history with Kim and knowing Kim tried to use a crappy situation caused by a former coworker to her advantage and at my request the APS investigator agreed to set a time and meet with me especially considering all the new information.

    13. Confused, upset, and furiated with the situation I contacted every agency I could in order of expected order in order to get answers. Most the time shot down because I’m a nobody versus the government.

    During these phone calls and many more I learned and was told by Supervisors:
    a. The reasons were a personal vendetta
    b. Mrs. “Branson was removed and we have a new case worker starting immediately” (this was approx a week after a numerous amount of ignored calls by many administrators with the State)
    c. Mrs. Branson’s supervisor, Mrs. Brigman will no longer be an issue either as she will no longer be with this agency.

    14. On Monday 10-23-2017, I met with the APS, I was given pertinent information during this meeting in order to assist my case of harassment against Kim Branson and her position with the Division of Rehabilitation Services through the State of Illinois and within an hour the complaint that was NEVER about me anyway was unfounded.

    15. After waiting all day to be reinstated, at approximately 4:20 p.m., I received a call from our new case worker, hmmmm a new one, wonder why???? The call started off good being told the report (although not about me anyway) was unfounded, and the other employee of course was reinstated but I was not. She stated that I would not be reinstated until I signed two documents a waiver and an impact form, these two documents basically state I give up my rights to certain things.

    Now remember because of Mrs. Branson I have been harassed for over two years now, almost to a point of termination for her own falsifying or manipulation of my personal timesheets, then suspended, and now my suspension remains all due to her failure to perform her government job and use it as a means to harass people she don’t like due to her personal connections.
    So my suspension remains til I can get legal help and some remedy from her actions and the supervisors whom chose to ignore my continual complaints and even the customers complaints about same issues and more.

    I apologize for being confusing, that was not my intention, it has just been a very frustrating and complicated situation.

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