Convicted Woman Beater – Robert Mark Weaver

Meet Robert Mark Weaver.,

You may know Mr. Weaver from our previous coverage of his wife…
District 186 Employee Preaching Shoplifting To Your Kids Future – Amy Renee Weaver / Amy Renee Mccarty!?

Mr. Weaver was sent to us shortly after his wife, boy oh boy did this man have a temper we hear.

Arrested for Domestic Battery on 4/21/2011.
Arrested for Domestic Battery on 11/12/2000.
Arrested for Assault on 06/09/1999.
Arrested for Theft on 11/28/1994.

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3 Comments on "Convicted Woman Beater – Robert Mark Weaver"

  1. *Waiting for “He’s changed/he’s a good person/he was set up/he didn’t do it” posts*

  2. He is an embarrassment to humanity. She is too.

  3. Tina L. Yager | August 13, 2016 at 7:36 am | Reply

    so what happens to her? It sounds like she is just as guilty as he is?!

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