Convicted Walmart Purse Snatcher Eugene Collins Gets 5 Years!

Meet Eugene Collins

You may remember Eugene from his arrest for a April 10th, 2015 purse snatching at Walmart on South 6th Street. Pursuant to a Plea Deal with the State Mr. Collins plead out to 5 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections with a  recommendation to be sent to a Prison with Drug Treatment Program.

Mr. Collins is not scheduled for release until 04/28/2018.

Remember Aaron Barker

Mr. Barker and Mr. Collins shared a housing unit together in the Sangamon County Jail. Mr. Barker caught a jail house battery charge for punching Mr. Collins so hard he knocked him out and the jail had to send Mr. Collins to a local hospital for stitches.

Mr. Collins wasn’t new to the Court System. Check out the rest of his mugshots…

EugeneCollins EugeneCollins1 EugeneCollins2 EugeneCollins3 EugeneCollins4 EugeneCollins5 EugeneCollins6 EugeneCollins7 EugeneCollins8

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  1. Ck this out Karla-kayla

  2. This is why I tell u to clip yours in Krista

  3. Kaitlynn Roberts Kayla Lynn

  4. If this is the same dude from grant?
    He was a total ass and well KARMA sucks!

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