Convicted Thief, Woman Beater, & Drunk Driver With Ties To Local Law Enforcement Arrested AGAIN for Drunk Driving – Lemuel A. Davis

Meet Lemuel A. Davis of Springfield.

Mr. Davis has quite the record, and quite the connection to our Local Law Enforcement.

Our office attempted to obtain records via the Freedom of Information Act on Mr.  Davis, but were hit with a brick wall delay because of who he is.

Well who is he?
Meet Ashley Walton of Springfield. Ms. Walton is the Mr. Davis’ “baby momma”. Ms. Walton also works in the Sangamon County Circuit Clerks Office.
She is also the Daughter of this man Michael Walton who is the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office FOIA Officer.

Funny thing is Mr. Davis was convicted of assaulting Ms. Walton on 04/01/2013 in which he plead guilty and received probation.

Most recently on 09/14/2016 Mr. Davis was arrested for Driving Under the Influence according to the Grandview Police Department. According to the police Mr. Davis was pulled over after squealing his tires, and was found to be presumably under the influence and was taken to the Sangamon County Jail.

This isn’t his first DUI arrest though, back in 2014 he plead guilty to a DUI Arrest and was given a fine and supervision.

The rest of his arrest record isn’t any better…
08/16/2015 – Two Counts of Felony Aggravated Domestic Battery.
05/21/2014 – Misdemeanor Domestic Battery, Driving Under The Influence, Illegal Transportation of Alcohol.
05/24/2011 – Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
11/17/2008 – Misdemeanor Endangering The Life Of A Child, Misdemeanor Reckless Conduct, Felony Unlawful Possession of A Firearm by Convicted Felon, Felony Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm.
06/05/2008 – Misdemeanor Retail Theft.

Though his criminal history, Mr. Davis has spent little time behind bars. In most of his arrests he plead out to probation to avoid jail time.

According to records Mr.Davis has has a long history of abusing his significant others. In 2005 his now Ex-wife obtained an order of protection against him and shortly after filed for divorce. In 2013 he was convicted of assaulting Ms. Walton and only days later she filed for an Emergency Order of Protection, to only not show up to the final court date to pursue a Plenary Order.
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