Convicted Thief Cassandra Workman’s Pet Sitting Services Back In The News! BEWARE

Remember Cassandra Workman from our story 1 Star Review Of Convicted Thief’s Unregistered Business Starts A Feud! – Pet Sitting Services (Cassandra Workman)

Boy one of her customers is mad that they didn’t Google her first!

Check out the email below we got on her yesterday!
“I am writing because I found the article about Cassandra Workman last night. Unfortunately I did not google her name before I had her pet sit for my two dogs and cat. I felt that I had called a few references and her pet sitting FB account had many good reviews so she must be trustworthy. She also gave me a business card and said that she carried insurance.

Sadly we came home last nights to find our pets were both hungry and thirsty. Our german shephard puppy was so distraught that he had starting itching himself to the point of bleeding on both ears and thigh areas. He is kenneled at night and when we leave the house but it seems he was left in the cage for who knows how long! Our 8 year old dog, who has not had an accident in the house defecated twice!

Our home was in disarray and we found a curtain to be pulled off a window and damage to our dining room table.

I will be posting on her personal FB account since she has suddenly shut down her Pet Sitting Services FB page.

If you would like to update your article with this information, please feel free! We do not want to see her left in charge of anyone else’s pets again!”



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20 Comments on "Convicted Thief Cassandra Workman’s Pet Sitting Services Back In The News! BEWARE"

  1. I’d punch that bitch in the throat

  2. All I can say is wow….. Again

  3. Smh, what a classless bitch.

  4. She’s an idiot, in my opinion, I’m not even sure she knows what the truth is. It’s like a foreign concept to that chick.

  5. There on meetme. I just seen there page.

  6. What’s meetme? Can u post their link?

  7. She watched our dogs for a weekend. She sent pictures that were dark like she couldn’t turn the lights on. The dogs had defected like they hadn’t been out at all. And had peed everywhere. I spent our first night home cleaning up and assuring our dogs.

    • defected?…like they went to a different country looking for asylum as if they were political refugees?

  8. My parents left her with their German Shepherd, spanial, and cat. She sent pictures one nigjt to show she was there, and then left them alone for an entire weekend. Somehow there is hundreds of dollars in damages to their furniture. This woman needs to be in jail.

  9. Nicholas Bradshaw | March 30, 2016 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    This post was made by my mother. It is completely true, with no lies throughout it. Charges will be pressed.

  10. Um Lisa Conway Luebbert Jadacia L Gillespie

  11. Katie Nicole Katie Spencer isnt that the girl?

  12. Jennifer Loftus | March 31, 2016 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    Heather Nicole, there is nothing in this post that is a lie. Anyone wondering about this person can join the For Sale in Chatham FB group. This same post is on this site and has generated 50+ people who have either had experiences with Cassandra Workman or have family members/neighbors who have had negative experiences with her. All of the stories are very similar so there is no denying this is NOT an isolated case. Cassandra needs to find another line of business because she has no right to be working with anyone’s pets. I have personally filed a complaint with State Attorney’s Office and I hope they choose to investigate her thoroughly. The damage to my home is secondary. I can clean it and I can replace anything that is damaged. I cannot undue to harm she caused my pets. The lack of care she provided for my pets bordered on abuse, and was certainly neglect. Shame on her for taking advantage of trusting people who are looking for quality care for their pets.

  13. I used her a couple times a year or so ago and had no issues. I did hire her to do cleaning too but she did not do that well at all

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