Convicted Shoplifter & Clinically Diagnosed With Mental Problem & Be A Cop!? Only In The Sangamon County Sheriffs Department!!!

Boy the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office can’t seem to stay out of not only our news spotlight, but other agencies also.

Who remembers Sharon Waldron?? She was the Sangamon County Deputy who was fired for an incident in 2012 involving the theft of some plants from a park in Sherman while on duty.

The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office started an investigation into the Sherman Plants incident and ended up terminating Sharon from the department. She was also charged with a criminal case surrounding the incident, but was later acquitted of all charges by a jury of her peers.

In the Spring of 2013 Sharon was arrested and charged with Retail Theft for Shoplifting a little over $20 worth of food items from the Schnucks on Sangamon Ave in Springfield. Now at this point Sharon had been already fired from the Sheriffs Office for the plant incident and was fighting for her reinstatement.

Click Here To Read Sharons Internal Affair File In Relation To Both Investigations!!

Sharon did end up pleading guilty to the Retail Theft and was sentenced to 6 months of supervision and a fine.

In Early 2015 an Arbitrator ruled that Sharon was to be reinstated back to work since she was acquitted of all charges in relation to the Sherman Plant theft. Upon her reinstatement Sheriff Wes Bar immediately placed her on administrative leave and the Sheriffs Office conducted an Internal Affairs Investigation on the near 2 year old Retail Theft Case. The Sheriff’s Office ultimately terminated Sharon again at the conclusion of the investigation.

This week an Arbitrator ruled that the Sheriff’s Office did not have the authority to terminate her and ordered Sharon to be reinstated to her position.

“I find that although Ms. Waldron has made some serious mistakes in the last several years, her character is beyond repute,” wrote arbitrator Timothy B. Tobin in ordering Waldron immediately reinstated with full back pay, lost overtime and benefits. “Ms. Waldron has shown over her 10-year term of employment with the sheriff’s office that she can be an outstanding sheriff’s deputy, she deserves another chance.”

“It is impossible for an employer to discharge a non-employee for just cause,” Tobin wrote. Basically stating they Sheriff’s Office cannot hold Sharon’s actions she did while she was terminated against her.

Click Here To Read The Arbitrator’s Full Ruling!

The Sheriff’s Office has previously stated that Sharon cannot be an effective deputy because her credibility would be questioned in court.

In ruling in Sharon’s favor last year, an Arbitrator found that sheriff’s officials disciplined female employees more harshly than male workers. Like in our previous story on Former Sangamon County Corrections LT Tammy Powell Click Here To Read Tammy Powell’s Story.

Sharon stated to the Arbitrator that she had sought psychiatric help and been diagnosed with depression & was going to counseling.

Only in Sangamon County can you get fired twice, be convicted of Retail Theft & Still be a cop!

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