Convicted Hate Crime Man’s Sentencing Continued! – Eldon Lucy

Springfield Man Eldon Lucy Convicted of Hate Crime..

Earlier this week we brought you (Springfield Man Charged With Hate Crime Plead Guilty With An Open Plea – Eldon E. Lucy)

Eldon Lucy was set to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to Felony Hate Crime Charges.

Today at 11:00AM in front of Honorable Judge Leslie Graves the following occurred;

09/23/2015 Entry on Sentencing Hearing Judge: GRAVES Sentencing Hearing on Oct 8, 2015 at 3:00 PM Cause called for Sentencing hearing.  Present the State by ASA RACHEL RITZER for ASA JASON SWEAT.  Present the Defendant, in person in the custody of the Sheriff, and by Attorney CRAIG REISER.  Parties have not yet received the Presentence Investigation Report.  On motion of State, Counts II, III, and IV are dismissed pursuant to open plea on 7/16/15.  Defendant's motion to continue is granted.  Case is set for Sentencing hearing on 10/8/15 at 3:00 PM with the Honorable Judge LESLIE GRAVES. Defendant signed notice in open court.  Defendant remanded to the custody of the Sheriff.  Judge: GRAVES  Reporter: RO  Clerk: DB  ASA: RITZER.

This is really odd, the Presentence was ordered on 07/16/2015, and was filed with the court on 09/18/2015 according to court records.

We will bring you more when his sentencing occurs!

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2 Comments on "Convicted Hate Crime Man’s Sentencing Continued! – Eldon Lucy"

  1. Happy Happy Joy Jpy | September 23, 2015 at 4:06 pm | Reply

    What alleged hate crime was he convicted of?

    • The police report was very conflicting. Apparently according to police there was a fight outside his Northside apartment between his wife and neighbors. Police state he got into a fight with African Americans and used racial hate slurs during the fight.

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