Consumer Alert – Justin Byerline Photography – Dawson, IL

Springfield Exposed always wants its reader’s to know about possible scams or bad businesses that you shouldn’t do business with. We have brought you things like Business Review & Scam Alerts previously today we are bringing you a Consumer Alert.

Consumer Alert is a feature we will be using to share information with our reader base. On a consumer alert we personally have not done business with the company, nor do we have reasoning to place them under a scam alert, but never the less the public should be aware of the business for some reason or another.

Today we bring you an alert out of Dawson, IL on a Justin Byerline and his business Justin Byerline Photography.

Remember Alleged Scam Artist Jennifer Jackson Gordy?? From Read This Before Ever Helping Jennifer Jackson Gordy!!! or BEWARE!!! Jennifer Jackson Gordy On the Prowl! or GoFundMe Account To Help Family?? Help Get The Husband Out Of Jail That Is… Adam Gordy and Most Recently Jennifer Gordy Please Just Stop!!!??

Most people judge people upon who they associate with. Its been brought to our attention that Mrs. Gordy here and Mr. Byerline are very close. Sources state that they have done business together in the past. Mrs. Gordy has been accused of several bad things over the recent months and for anyone to continue a professional association with her brings doubt upon them.

As a consumer alert we have not done business with Mr. Byerline. We have only had one email in on him, so we cannot list him as a scam alert. Though who he associates with brings into doubt his character.

Use with caution, and as always get it in writing!


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4 Comments on "Consumer Alert – Justin Byerline Photography – Dawson, IL"

  1. This fucker took my wifes deposit and never took our pictures! SCAM!!! I heard he is no longer in business, someone must of finally beat his thieving ass!

  2. I would gladly post the pictures that he took of my family. I would recommend him to anybody. Nice try though

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