Community Upset With Governor Bruce Rauner’s Appearance At Last Nights Memorial For Orlando.

Last night in Springfield the Phoenix Center held a Memorial for the victims of the Pulse Shooting in Orlando over the weekend.

Executive Director Jonna J. Cooley had a rather interesting statement on her encounter with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, “Last night was a great event. I do have to tell you something that is still playing in my mind….

I was asked by his security to walk up and meet Governor Rauner last night as he walked up to the Memorial for Orlando. I did so (not a fan)! After introductions he looked at my shirt (I was wearing an event shirt that said Pulse on it) and he asked “What do you do here at Pulse?” I said, “This is the Phoenix Center.” He said, “Oh yes, what do you do?” I told him. He then said “How many staff do you have?” I said, “Well, a lot less than we used to. With no state budget or money coming in, it is hard to keep the doors open.”…. silence…… “Thank you for the good work that you are doing” he said and walked into the crowd…….”

Ryan Bandy owner of Club Station House has a statement aswell on the situation. “I have been conflicted about going public with this, but reflecting on some discussions I have had last night and this morning, I feel I need to. Jonna was not the only one who was disappointed with how Governor Rauner acted before the vigil started. I appreciated his speech and I am also glad that I was able to get a picture with him since he is governor of our state. Before the vigil was starting, however, one of his staff members brought me over to introduce me to him. It appeared, based on his facial expressions and what he said afterwards, that he wasn’t listening to anything I said. We had a pleasant introduction and I proceeded to tell him that I had been to Pulse and that it’s been a tough week for me since I knew people there. I told him how it’s just very personal for me. He said, “That’s good.” I was stunned. It was a disappointing moment in an otherwise incredible night. After hearing so many thoughts of compassion in the statements by the elected officials like Mayor Langfelder, Rodney, and Senator Durbin, it was very disappointing to not see those things from the one elected official who could be there.

Shame on you Governor Rauner….

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  1. If he would have skipped they would have bitched and moan because illinois didn’t care.

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