Christina S. Roach Pleads Guilty To Violation Of Owners Duties (Animal Abuse/Neglect)

Remember Christina S. Roach?? From Christina S. Roach Accused of Animal & Child Neglect! Charges Filed!!! & Wild Woman Attacks Boyfriend & His Family! – CHRISTINA S. ROACH ??

This is a follow up to Christina S. Roach Accused of Animal & Child Neglect! Charges Filed!!! .

On 10/26/2015 in front of Honorable Judge Otwell Ms. Roach plead guilty to two Misdemeanor Counts of Violation of Owners duties in relation to a June 2015 Riverton PD Incident.

Click Here To Read The Full Riverton Police Department Report!

Ms. Roach Received 1 Year of Court Supervision, $327.00 fine, and 100 hours of Community Service in exchange for her plea. NO JAIL TIME!!!

Below are the Riverton PD Pictures of the poor dog in the report and the nasty environment.


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18 Comments on "Christina S. Roach Pleads Guilty To Violation Of Owners Duties (Animal Abuse/Neglect)"

  1. Fucking dirty bitch, ought to be forced into the same conditions as the dog was

  2. Sad just plain sad. Can she still own animal?

  3. Well that’s just fucking stupid

  4. How about she sleeps in that nasty cage and tie her to a boat.

  5. Makes me wanna throw up

  6. That is just the nastiest thing ever. Let’s make sure she never owns another animal again.

  7. I do not even know what to say as a person who loves animals and cherishs his pets. I would say shame on you but people like that so not have any shame or guilt. It’s a solid reflection of how you treat animals and humans I shudder to think of how she treats small children. What a waste of DNA and precious space and oxygen. Fuck you, you animal abusing piece of shit.

  8. I hope this raggedy bitch burns in hell for this. Shame on her.

  9. they should tie you up by your toe nails and skin you alive untill you fucking die bitch !

  10. White Trash. Why can’t we spay and neuter them?

  11. Yes Bad Becky!! This is so disgusting & why are these people allowed to breed? I can’t stand people that abuse innocent children or animals. Keeping your child’s room like a cage is abuse!

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