Christina S. Roach Accused of Animal & Child Neglect! Charges Filed!!!

Meet Christina S. Roach

Christina here is charged with Two Class B Misdemeanors for Violation of Owners Duties related to a June 2nd, 2015 Riverton Police Report.

The Sangamon County States Attorneys Office filed formal charges on October 9th, 2015 (4 Months later???). Since Christina didn’t have a criminal history the judge did not order a warrant, instead issued her a notice to appear for court on October 26th, 2015 to answer to the charges.

This story was sent in by one of the readers and just gave us the Sangamon County Court case number and said look into it. When we read the charge Violation of Owners Duties we had no idea what it was at first.

We contacted the Riverton Police Department for a copy of the police report and oh boy is it interesting…

Click Here To Read The Full Riverton Police Department Report!

According to the report Riverton Police received a citizens complaint to check on the welfare of a 2 month old puppy tied to a boat outside in the hot June day with no water, shade, or food.

Upon arrival the Officer noticed a small puppy tied to a boat with no food, water, and feces around it. The Officer tried to knock on the residence, the front door was open and as the officer knocked the door came open further. The officer announced herself and noticed several piles of feces on the floor and a dog cage full of feces according to the report. The officer then was authorized by the Chief of Police to enter the residence to attempt to locate someone inside. Upon further inspection of the house the officer reported feces in all the rooms of the house, including the kids rooms. The Officer then contacted DCFS and The Animal Control. Sangamon County Animal Control removed the dog and DCFS started an investigation into the welfare of the children.

A Class B misdemeanor by comparison, basically has a punishment with half the severity of a Class A misdemeanor. This type of offense has a maximum penalty of 180 days incarceration in the county jail, with a maximum fine of $1500.

To my knowledge, there are no Class B misdemeanor offenses on the books in Illinois that require the judge to sentence the defendant to jail. Instead, the court can sentence a person who is found guilty of a Class B misdemeanor to probation and community service instead of incarceration.

Class B misdemeanors are few and far in between. Almost every misdemeanor offense that prosecutors pursue is a Class A misdemeanor such as domestic battery, driving under the influence, driving while license suspended for DUI, retail theft, etc.

Christina is set for First Appearance Criminal Misdemeanor on Oct 26, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 6C.

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32 Comments on "Christina S. Roach Accused of Animal & Child Neglect! Charges Filed!!!"

  1. Hope Marie Roach Collier OMG WTF

  2. Who lives like that seriously

  3. Sicko ass. Hope she gets all kinds of fines and goes through hell with DCFS

  4. Tagged in less than 15 minutes! Thanks Nikki Wyzard

  5. Cleaning her house….because that’s something you should share on fb. No dumbass, you do it daily like a normal person. Sick bitch.

  6. To top it off, she’s illiterate

  7. Hahaha, I work in the medical field and this girl was supposedly finishing emt school. When I had my heart attack and asked her for help, her ass walked around me. All medical professionals know there’s genuinely a law/guideline against that and your not supposed to overlook anyone in a medical emergency. Anyway, she’s just a tow truck driver now. Glad no one’s life is in her hands. Worried about the kids though….

  8. She wouldn’t even call the ambulance or anything. I thought about having her license pulled based on community standards, but decided that she’ll have hell getting a job as an emt anyway.

  9. She had a post couple weeks ago in one of the for sale groups trying to find homes for 2 labs

  10. White trash at its finest!! The government should start giving out free hysterectomies to freaks like this. They do it to dogs all the time!

  11. So, this article says that Christina has no previous charges. I know better than that. She was charged with assaulting an elderly person in the presence of minor children in 2012. Look at the date on the mugshot. Its 2012 — she pled guilty to Battery. You can look it up yourself on the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s website. So, she beats up the elderly, neglects and abuses animals, and all while her children stand by watching it and sleeping and eating in a toilet…and mom of the year goes to —– not her.

  12. left picture-nods off. right picture – omg i cant even right now

  13. Not doing this in favor of her. But im a emt as well. We dont have to stop and treat you or help you if were not on duty especially in yhis sue happy world. Its our discretion. Now I would stop and help but there’s no law that says we have to.

  14. Theres nothing that says us emt or medical professionals have to stop and help. Most of us do of course. But as an emt if im not on duty legally I dont have to stop. I do anyways. But some dont because its a liability.

  15. I know her personally…. Actually I called her in on the dogs. This is her 6th run in with dcfs. She also drives an ice cream truck. She needs to be locked up and her children taken away for good. Her 4 yr old son was found by a resident of Riverton over a mile away from her home on his bicycle…. where was the mother of the year? sound asleep and didnt know he had left

  16. It’s part of civic duty. If you know cpr and someone requires cpr, your required to perform. I had to sign a paper in nursing school saying that if I seen someone is distress, I would assist. There is a law protecting us from the sue happy people when we do help, but I was told all throughout school I was required to stop. All I asked her to do for me was get me an ambulance while I laid on the floor super weak. She was the only one in the office and she stepped over my body on the floor, with no courtesy of even walking around, and told me that she needed a damn cigarette.

  17. I tried to crawl after her, and ended up passed out on the floor. When I told people what she had done, since this happened at a work place, I was offered the opportunity to press charges on her for life endangerment or something, medical neglect, and I was informed that if I died and it was on camera her walking away from me, it would have been involuntary manslaughter for her lack of care to even use the phone she was texting on and call 911.

  18. ✋I will only correct one word, kind of an important one, because I don’t have enough time to fully process & proof read every error…

  19. She needs to sign up for “Book It” club. She’ll gain some knowledge and earn her kids a free Pizza Hut pizza.

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