Christian County’s Justin Elliott Bouvet Walks Free Every Time??


Meet Mr. Bouvet!

Mr. Bouvet is known to be Taylorville’s Local Snitch/Drug Addicts according to sources. Mr. Bouvet has been arrested numerous times throughout Christian County, some of those arrests ended with formal charges but he has NEVER been convicted. All of his cases the Christian County States Attorney’s Office have dismissed.

Interesting… Very interesting…

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5 Comments on "Christian County’s Justin Elliott Bouvet Walks Free Every Time??"

  1. this article is complete hogwash

  2. Hope your “sources” are true because if not
    this is major grounds for a defamation/libel lawsuit.

  3. Funny thing.. This seems to be customary in Christian County.. you talk you walk if not they harass and stalk falsely accuse and arrest you step outside their boundaries and break their own laws to arrest you multiple times and then they harass and stalking you some more. All condoned by the local judicial officers paid very well to sit on the square in their nice tidy offices and play with peoples lives in the name of justice.. I have conducted my own research into several cases including the latest disaster trying to make an example of a 19 year old heroine addict because their informant died of overdose.. My question is.. he was an informant.. was he supposed to be using the drugs or turning them over as evidence?? And if you look into her arrest, after the story hit the news, she’s free and not charged.. Imagine if know why the media didn’t get the rest of the story.. Judge and States Attorney got a little too out of control.. I could give you a hundred cases with similar outcomes in our small corrupt little corner of the world…

  4. Sandy Wagner | August 9, 2018 at 6:51 am | Reply

    Justin BOUVET is back in jail

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