Chill Out Springfield – Shots Fired Calls, Stabbings, Just Be Safe!

As we all head out (for those who haven’t yet, but plan on doing so) for our Black Friday Shopping lets be safe. On Wednesday a Springfield Teen was shot in the foot while a house was filled full of gun fire (and the suspects got away). Then on Thursday Evening reports are coming in that a local pizza place was robbed at gun point with shots being fired during the robbery.

What is going on Springfield!?!?!?!?

Then don’t forget about the stabbings at Walmart and the Mall last week…

Just be safe out there today guys and be smart, saving a few bucks isn’t worth your life especially how some of these criminals are acting out there recently.

On a side note traditional media is reporting how SGT Peppers Restaurant, The St Johns Breadline, and few other places gave out free Thanksgiving Meals yesterday. Well they forget one place…

The Sangamon County Jail gave out around 400 free meals on Thanksgiving, well we all gave them out with our Tax Dollars 😉 !

Enjoy your day and lets be civil, I don’t want to get no videos of brawls outside stores. Remember most government buildings count today as a holiday and take the day off also.

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