If you know the John Fedor in this picture and have children (boys) talk to them.

John Fedor is a child rapist and prefers little boys.

This (disgusting) person has been the cause of so many children being raped that its crazy he is not in prison or dead.

In the 80’s this person drove a gray chevy nova and worked at the Holiday Inn East in springfield as a dishwasher.

This person actively searched out young boys of single mothers or those that just had parents completely out of the picture. As a young child that was in contact with this piece of crap I can tell you before I was moved away he was raping little kids who’s mother worked with him at the holiday inn. He raped a young boy and then got his mom to marry him (the child tried to kill himself)
John lived in the bel-air motel and also a small apartment behind the army surplus store (both in the 80’s). John was raping a child from Riverton and another from Girard. (I am sure there was many more)
In the apartment behind the army surplus store John once forced an 11 year old and 12 tear old to have sex together.

If you have any information on this piece of garbage please contact the springfield police department.

I do not know of any children before I was forced into contact with him or after I was moved away, I am sure this pervert did not stop what he was doing.
John is easily recognizable with the ugly tattoo on his left arm and half bald head.

You can find his Facebook page below and remember people like him tend to friend other people with the same interests

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  1. Isn't Life Grand | March 17, 2019 at 11:49 pm | Reply

    What area is this pervert in now??

  2. Justice for johns victims | March 19, 2019 at 10:20 am | Reply

    This guy now lives in Lincoln Illinois

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