Chelsea Bevely faked it until she made it back to Springfield

Chelsea had a lot of you in the comments on the last post fooled. Her career was a bust, fraud and lie. Chelsea was stealing from other models, lying about how much she seen her kid while we were seeing her take dick from the back lol. Chelsea was going to lie her way to the top while thinking that the rest of us would be blind to the truth. This is for her and everyone that condoned the dumb shit she was doing and especially for the ones that she had fooled.

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2 Comments on "Chelsea Bevely faked it until she made it back to Springfield"

  1. Bill Miller | June 7, 2018 at 6:59 am | Reply

    This girl is truly a thief and a liar. Do not believe anything she says. Her porn career was short lived because she stole from other girls in the industry. No one enjoyed working with her. She needs to grow up and support her 2 kids

  2. Chelsea J. Bevely, 18, Springfield, negotiated a plea of guilty Nov. 24 to obstructing identification. Bevely was sentenced to six days in jail, one year conditional discharge, ordered to pay a $400 fine, $50 public defender fee, court costs, $50 Crime Stopper fee and a $50 per month probation fee.

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