Central Illinois User Submission Hoes

So with all the recent drama surrounding these innocent, 217 Babes, Springfield Girls, Decatur Sexy Girls, etc videos we thought we should step in.

So for 12 hours we took pictures no questions asked and placed them in this video.

No names are in it, but feel free to tag away!

Here is Central Illinois Hoes For You!

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151 Comments on "Central Illinois User Submission Hoes"

  1. Renay Wickersham-Ortiz

    • I’d say someone’s big mad

    • I’m dead asf how is a grown ass women with “morals” on an exposed hoes video I almost felt bad till I realized it did take TWO niggas to replace my dad and you went from being wifey to a side bitch I’m so dead , I’m grateful for whoever put you on here looks like Springfield already knows your dirty secrets maybe one of your little booty calls wasn’t satisfied and got mad and threw you in here I’m dying

    • Karma’s a bitch ! Mother nature worked itself out I guess , it’s sad you gotta bribe my dad to let him have Ashton for a football game a REAL mother would want her child to be happy , you’re pathetic, this page suits you Renay

    • Don’t get mad cause your reputation got around on you

  2. David McKeon gurllll tf they doin to you

  3. Kathy Janet, u might wanna see this.

  4. Shawntay Phillips Shawntay Phillips

  5. Connie Lomprez Wolford Brittany is on here too. Might want to tag her.

  6. What is the point of this?

  7. Tayllor E M Fernandez this little dumb bitch put you in his hoe video

  8. Jessica Harmon this little butthurt bitch put you in his hoe video

  9. Gracie Ann-Marita Patrick hey bitch, we just took the pictures sent in without names and compiled them.

  10. Pathetic ass people with nothing better to do. LMAO bitches need to get a life

  11. Shawntay Phillips Brittany Tucker Connie Lomprez Wolford << y'all are on here...smh.

  12. There is zero news value in this at all.

  13. Brittany Tucker LMAO . People really need to get better things to do….

  14. People have to much time on their hands.. miserable people trying to bring other people to be miserable too. Throwing shade ain’t going to help you shine !!!

  15. Britian Michelle Graves

  16. Tayllor E M Fernandez
    Mike Rutherford jeccica is on here too!!

  17. First off, who makes a video with no music? Secondly, i personally know 0 of the people shown. Thirdly, was that one woman 75? And lastly, was that one chick missing an arm?

  18. Somebody’s bound to catch a curb stomping for this shit

  19. Ashlee Wells… watch this lol

  20. Jade they’re missing someone

  21. Someones a haterr even got 2 pictures lhh

  22. Amanda spencer | July 31, 2017 at 11:24 am | Reply

    Beckie staley… Hahaha dumb bitch

  23. Jenna Horn the second girl

    • Y’all 2 bitchs can hate all the fuck you want. But I’m more the sure torrie has been with the same man many many years, has 2 jobs, car, house, and lives in Florida so wtf she is even on a in Springfield website is nuts. Love you baby keep on keeping I looked these 2 up and babe forget the games from school.

      • I love the hell out of you, you already know I dont give no 2 fucks about shit, lmfao oooo I went the fuck to prison, good sit and spin bitchs, ooo i like 2 fuck oooo I been on the same sick for years and only one, oh and why we bringing up my past ya I fucking party, drink smoke pot done more drugs then i should but I dont have shit to explain to any of these mother fucker while y’all think your faces make you look so innocent girl bye lmfao shit i have no kids no bills I’ll do what the fuck I want when I want too and im still with the shit, go worry about your baby dads or somthing something useful other then me.

  24. I’m pretty sure most of these are just pictures sent in from guys who got turned down by these girls lol… there are some on there that are spot on tho

  25. Kelsey Prior watch this sus

  26. Shits retarded as fuck

  27. Chrystal Musgrove and Rachel Creighton

  28. That first girl is hot lol

  29. How can you say they are all hoes when a couple of them I know for sure we’re just in trouble for fighting? You are a major joke.

  30. Im laughing at the fact that someone submitted cops…smh

  31. Lol. Don’t bother me none. I know who I am. And what I be doin. So fuck em. Love the pic ❤️

  32. Catrina Porter saw your daughter

  33. You need to add Bennie Sullivan or Bennie Sulivan to this. He has 2 fb pages. He is a 217 hoe and facebook hoe.

  34. They gotta come better than this. Don’t even hurt my feelings a bit. Lol. Haters I’d b mad too. At least post something factual idiots

  35. Jessica Harmon | July 31, 2017 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    Awww I have a snickers for whoever is in their feelings lmfao. Somebody’s a little upset huh?

  36. I’m glad people forget things when time goes by. 2 years ago I would have been on here for sure. Lol.

  37. Kayla Box they fuxkin put u in this ! Wtf

  38. Girls if you are in these pictures listen up
    If the picture is a matter of public record they can post them
    But if it’s a selfie or taken by someone else they can’t use them
    Who ever took the picture owns the copyright to it stand together and get this shit shut down
    I’m sure my comment will be deleted quickly

  39. Nicole Shull and Brittany Powell so watch this video

  40. This is slightly funny, only because there are a few i know and they’re spot on. Other hand, there are some hotties on here.

  41. Yal should do something sweet now . like cutest babies of 217 . or something positive .lbvs

  42. Dispatch we have a report of “shots fired” in the central Illinois area

  43. Glad I didn’t make this list but seriously I don’t understand the point of this video at all

  44. Why you keep doing that?

  45. Thought you were removing this?

  46. This is Bullshit!!
    Why am I not in there!?

  47. Ashley Nicoledimples Roach they have you in this video

  48. Shesoldmenudes | July 31, 2017 at 6:59 pm | Reply

    Surprised angella Blackburn’s Whore self is not on here

  49. Somebody’s big mad clearly

  50. Somebody’s big mad

  51. Hilarious this stunt flopped for ya… Not as much traffic as they hoped for.. lol

  52. Faiths been gone a year and a half funny she is still on yalls minds though . me and her will pray for yall

  53. Aint going to say her name but she’s black white and Chinese

  54. Aww this video is more like the DeJavu slogan; 100s of beautiful girls, and three ugly ones. Beautiful ladies!!

  55. I cant understand why I wasnt submitted bc I saw several young woman that work their asses off and take care of their kids. Woman I know personally. But here is the thing…those women wont be effected by this bc they are strong and confident women. I worry more about the younger girls. The ones that may be struggling and dont have a good support system behind them. The ones that have been thru hell and could use some encouraging words or a helping hand. But that’s not what they get instead they get bullied and tore down by this site. So this isn’t for my friends in this video who I know will be okay this is for the girls they get tormented by the post and comments on this page. Leave them alone and pick on someone that can take it.
    I am 43 yrs old. I have more than 1 man that fathered my children. I have slept with multiple men and there is even 1 or 2 I will never admit to and will take that shit to my grave. I have been arrested many times and my mug shots would make all you girls look like runway models, I’m sure. I have lied…I have cheated. I was caught shoplifting a pack of cigarettes with a group of friends when I was 16. I have been where I shouldn’t been and i have not been where I should of been more times than I can count. I have judge people harshly and I have been known to be too hard on people. I have tried most drugs out there and even enjoyed a few. I am guilty of being a bad friend at times. I have let bad behavior lead people to believe I’m not a good person many times. I didnt lead by example and i often did wrong when i knew better. I am guilty of reading shit about girls on here and not saying anything bc i was afraid I would be the next female attack and degraded by you. I teach my kids that if you stand by and let someone get bullied, u r just as guilty. Then guess what??? I grew up. Not only did I grow up I was allowed to without my past shoved in my face or one of my not so proud moments put on social media for everybody to see. No-one is perfect and we all have things we have done that we aren’t proud of. But we all deserve to grow up learn our lessons and live our lives. You have no right trying to intervene in this process and to bully these young girls. Leave ppl alone. To all the hoes out there, bc apparently if you’re a female and have a pulse you are one, keep moving forward and always be kind.
    Shawntay Phillips and Connie Lomprez Wolford are just 2 of the many that have no business being in that video. But they know who they are and wont b phased by this.

  56. I want my picture taken off, I did not give consent for that!

  57. Is this a post about garden hoes?

  58. Stefanie, notice any familiar faces?

  59. Now we need a second video of the people who submitted the pictures

  60. Samantha Clardy should not be in this video. Who ever put her picture in this and low.

  61. Springfield can rot, you all are trash. Neanderthals

  62. One of the cops on there was fucking inmates ib sangamon county building

  63. Really going to take a mugshot from 2008 and say o this girls a hoe! Lmao get the fuck outta her i dont know how the hell u bitches get away with this shit! Better do your homework a little better on what i was arrested for never for being a hoe,stupid ass mfs

  64. Faith been gone a year girl not a year and a half she got locked back up june 30 of last year smh how is that a year a half anyway she was escorting on back page so.whatever

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