Catfish?? Morgan C. Burge

Meet Morgan Burge aka Morgan Christine !

Morgan here allegedly likes to play the Catfish game on local online dating sites like Plenty of Fish and or Meetme!. Its also rumored she has a second Facebook account just to play those same games…

Guys beware!

Its also believed she is harboring local Felony Fugitive Brian Burge!
Brian is also her father, if you see him call the police immediately. He has been on the run for almost 8 months now!


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45 Comments on "Catfish?? Morgan C. Burge"

  1. I wish if they were gonna talk shit at least they would of gotten there facts straight

  2. Brooke will you please tag her !

  3. Yeah exactly Morgan !!!!!

  4. ^ that’s really funny , it wasn’t me but alright

  5. Too bad your friend is the one who told us ….

  6. Bitch are you lurking or some ?

  7. Lol which friend . Too bad you’re lying

  8. Damn I wish I could see these comments

  9. Maybe we should expose your ass too

  10. Lol for what ? I don’t do anything

  11. Let’s just say your very close to her ..

  12. But that’s none of my business ☕️

  13. I’m close to like 3 people . Other then that I don’t fuck with nobody . But like I said , this wasn’t me . But believe what you want .

  14. Here you go Morgan since petty ass mf have you blocked

  15. I think she went to sleep on my ass

  16. He looks so familiar but I can’t place him. So is she trying to catfish with this picture or is that really her picture? I’m confused

  17. Naw she cat fishes with others. The guy is her wanted father

  18. Ok I guess I just don’t understand the meaning of catfish then lol

  19. I’m sorry, I don’t know what there is to be waited on. It’s plain and simple. Someone just got publicly shamed, which is wrong, but nothing said was untrue. I’m not looking for an argument. I just think it’s wrong people are quick to point the finger at my sister when she had nothing to do with this. So again, I’m not sure what we are waiting on here but cyber threats are rude and illegal.

  20. When my bestie Paige Krouse gets blocked!!! I thought what you said was very intellegent!!! haha Im done!

  21. This is very true. I caught Morgan catfishing this guy freaked out on her because of how freaking crazy it was and how crazy she is, stopped being her friend thennnnnn she fucking catfished my ass and made a fake girl profile and had me thinking it was someone I used to go to school with and became friends with me and I finally figured it out and was so pissed like wtffff bitch is cray cray!

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