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Destiny Moore

Destiny Moore from new berlin il is selling her pussy. Her number is 217 441 7133 Her snap desdes5271997 Her address is 1800 e morgan Share This:

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I Was tested and got my results in October 2018… I have been with only him since that time… I got my results today. Warning if you have sex with him… get yourself tested. Share…

Jennifer Brison Shelby County

Jennifer Brison lives in Shelby ville Illinois. She’s a really friendly woman kinda cool. If you hang out with her long enough shell offer to be your personal dope whore, only speaking from experience! Share…

She’s scamming! And has herpes!

She does not do what her ads says and she will rob you and threaten to have you jumped during the meet watch out guys! Also watch out for the herpes. Meet on s price…

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Cory jarrards wife Barbie jarrard is no good

Wow look who’s on the new backpage skip the how could you be married and have a family but you sell yourself to be able to buy drugs smh looks like somebody should get…

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