Deadbeat Dads

Convicted Thief, Woman Beater, & Drunk Driver With Ties To Local Law Enforcement Arrested AGAIN for Drunk Driving – Lemuel A. Davis

Meet Lemuel A. Davis of Springfield. Mr. Davis has quite the record, and quite the connection to our Local Law Enforcement. Our office attempted to obtain records via the Freedom of Information Act on Mr.  Davis, but…

Bradley P. Schroeder Balling So Hard, Right Out Of His Own House!

Meet Bradley “Brad” P. Schroeder, you may remember him from our previous coverage Bradley P. Schroeder A “No Show” In Court & Found In “Willful Contempt” By Honorable Judge Maurer. , #FOLLOWUP DJ Schroeder, Bradley P. Schroeder, BradSchroeder, Bradley…

VIDEO: Springfield Trash Fighting Over Link In The Public Aid Office!

Remember our previous story Good Morning Fight Outside Springfield Public Aid Office? #KeepItClassySpringfield ? Well Springfield’s Finest is back at it in the Public Aid Officer! #FightingOverTheLink! Check the video out below! #KeepItClassySpringfield Share This:

Hi My Name Is Gregory Scott Regan I Sleep With Pornstars, Burn Cars Down, Beat On Women, & Love Meth!

Meet Gregory Scott Regan. You may have remember him from our story Porn Star Jordana James AKA Samantha Thongsithavong, Samantha Jones, Samantha Staples FROM Springfield & A Druggie? . It makes a lot sense now how…

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