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Who the hell is Brittany Roegge!?

Okay so we posted about he deadbeat Fathers Right the other day, and this Brittany Roegge was the first to be nominated as a deadbeat mother, then her and her child’s father Christopher Rudolph went…

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Jasene Manuele – Alleged Cyber Stalker, Woman Beater (Multiple Times), Telephone Threating(Multiple Times), Drunk Driver, Property Damager(Multiple Times), Residential Burglar/Burglar (Multiple Times), Shoplifter, Harasser Via Electronic Communication(Multiple Times), Violator of Order Of Protection (Multiple Times), Aggravated Kidnapper, & Drug Dealer.

Talk about an Interesting Man we got here. Jasen we’d like to sit back and thank you for being the “piece of crap” everyone says you are, because boy are you interesting. So lets start…

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