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Beware of what you buy

Make sure you know what you get and who you get it from. Https:// Share This:

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This Hoe burning/ Thot Debra Berry

This nasty hoe Debra Berry is burning niggas. This bitch smell like fish. She sent me videos of her self sucking another man and riding him but she had a green discharge. I still trusted…

Shan-man Corwin. A.K.A Ice Queen Whore

I see the trash bags of virden are getting a lot of attention so I figured Shannon deserves some recognition since she is the dirtiest bitch of them all. She calls herself an entrepreneur that…

Diantha Rose Photography SCAM!!

If you ever come across Diantha Rose Photography, know that she is uneducated in any form of photography, has no sense of lighting, has no real equipment other than a camera, and when she does…

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