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Credit pro autos = con

Whatever you do do NOT buy a car from credit pro autos in springfield illinois. They will sell you a lemon. I noticed an oil leak the same day i had the oil changed for…

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Beware! Destiny Smith gave me herpes

Beware, I got herpes from Destiny Smith, 2176224968 she not answering the phone or nothing, she works at shells on South grand and 5th, Beware Of her she is a nasty cum dump, I used…

Bitch gave me Herpes

Beware I Got herpes from Destiny Smith , works at shells gas station On 5th and South grand, her boyfriend tried to tell me she had it but I still went ahead and gave it…

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2 informants exposed

Alex wood of Auburn illinois and a girl named keirsten voyales. Both are police informants along with Alisha wood of Auburn illinois Share This:

Abe lincoln the racist

This is right from abe lincolns mouth – While I was at the hotel to-day, an elderly gentleman called upon me to know whether I was really in favor of producing a perfect equality between…

Sneaky Church Wife

This woman appears to be a kind church going woman. But the reality is she is a cheating housewife who has no problem sleeping around while her husband is at work. She will invite men…

salvation army, think twice

So its time for the salvation army “red kettle champaign” outside every atore ringing the bell to get money for the homeless. Well think twice this year…the tan color on their building on clear lake…

Stay Clear of John “Skip” Meyers

Beware of this lying ass braggart who claims to have been a police officer, military hero, NASCAR driver and bad ass motorcycle gang leader. He is really a candy ass who’s only claim to fame…

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super hero james moscerdelli

James moscardelli is the biggest wanna be cop. What ever happened to mind your own business? I guess its better than beating up another family member and getting another order of protection against you. I…

mystery man

So I ran across this dude at the Station House gay bar downtown Springfield I miss you Bob hit me up Share This:

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