Cara Ellis – Backpage Escort Exposed!!!

Meet Cara Ellis

Cara here allegedly has a backpage ad set up as an “escort” in the Springfield Area.


So the Phone Number 217-720-8612, is registered to a Cara Ellis out of Chatham, IL with an AT&T Affiliate.


It is also attached to her Facebook Page…


Cara here has no criminal record in the Central Illinois Area from what we could see.

This girl has not been charged with any prostitution related crimes, Though she apparently travels the State setting up Escort Appointments.

To each their own, you can make your own decisions on what happens during these “escort” appointments.

We bring you this story today, to shed light on this young lady. Hopefully the older woman in the industry can reach out and help her get out of it.

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30 Comments on "Cara Ellis – Backpage Escort Exposed!!!"

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Totally wood

    • The irony is, they will actually help her become more successful by free advertisement.

      Prohibition never works, ever.

    • Ya, she’s got it goin on. Be head strong and know you’re not really wrong Cara Ellis

    • She’s hotter than all those dressed up CROCKED female “attorneys” in the finest of dresses who will feel their own malicious prosecution more than can be explored.

      What’s hot is when a woman fights against all those who would persecute her for helping others in their mutual suffering under the weight of oppression of the ignorant mob bound for hellfire.

      She has committed no real crime by mine eye, what is ugly is violent immaturity and false shaming tactics to make the victim believe it’s their own fault when they are in a CAGE. Also thanks for helping to contribute keeping crime rates high in the sexual category. Ending the prohibition would lower crime rates, and health problems would be easier to control with established markets.

      DUH get over it and let men AND WOMEN BOTH be free.

    • Nasty is slandering someone else for no reason but obedience to the crowd. Human reproduction is nasty? What part? I don’t think any of it is.

      You need to get help so you’ll not impulsively bully someone you perceive to be less than you.

  2. She Deleted Her FaceBook After This Story… What A Shocker LOL

    • Ya, clap it up.

      Nothing like beating down a civil rights activist!

      Each laugh is only encouragement for your tormentors in hell if you do not see the light before you pass a bastard.

  3. She is not 20 by the way, she is around 31-33 years old…to each their own. Just saying…she knows right from wrong…

  4. Cara has tattoos on her back and she has brown hazel eyes. Thanks for fucking with someones life without even doing research.

    • Ya! Da hell man!
      Quit fucking with peoples’ life’s. Regardless!

      Unless they actually committed a violent offense or stole, but not cause they like sharing love.

  5. Thos is an amazing chick ..Dont nudge anyone till u walked that fukkin mile ..
    I know her and what shes been through .. and thro all that bullshit still cares more about everyone else than herself ….

    • Jackie Manning | November 15, 2016 at 1:43 pm | Reply

      What I see is who ever wrote ‘this .. obviously has serious mental issues .. probably has an over controlling mother and is either jealous or has it in for this girl who either has beef with or was rejected after calling her for an apoointment.. SO WHAT!!! She chooses to be in that Industry … AT LEAST she isn’t working the gov system asking for FREE HAND OUTS’! This HATER just EXPOSED themselves for being so transparent and weak! Lolol is all I can do thinking about the writer .. how sad their world must be and way too much time on their hands !!!! I do not KNOW this girl.. never met her … but. Looks like she isn’t a bad person cuz if she were she would have a wrap sheet a mike long !!!!

    • 🙂

      It’s always good to see the face of humanity.

  6. guess hooking on backpage didn’t pay well enough so maybe 417 grams of meth did…… still at the county ?

  7. amazing this backpage hooker wasn’t caught earlier……guess the 417 grams of meth did

    • The come for us all in the end buddy. They’ll find a “reason” soon enough for us all.

      • I wonder how many said that of their neighbors as the nazis seized the accused like it wasn’t slavery, political violence, and injustice for personal gain.

  8. Take care of your kid low life

    • Stop being a kid low life. What even justifies that? Her kid is not your business and it’s creepy that everyone seems to try to use the “kids”

      implying behind every use is the threat of kidnapping people’s children like it’s fucking JUSTICE and not the deprivations of human trafficking.

    • Ya stop being a low life, kid.

      It’s awesome how behind every false pretense of someone “caring” about someone else’s children there is a subtle suggestion to engage in an act of kidnapping or otherwise human trafficking to destroy families.

      So it is that under the guise of Justice and human upbringings, families are destroyed by slavery and children are prayed upon mercilessly in foster care afterward.

    • Stop being a kid low life and stop trying to use someone’s kid as a way to imply they should have to endure forced separation.

      Everyone likes to use the “kids” as hostage. Stop being such gentiles.

  9. Just kidding I’m sure she’s a great mom my bad um she likes dark men shhhhh

  10. Wow, psychos!
    What reason dictates that it would be a crime anyway? Our betters declared it as so and because YOUR interpretation should be the one violently enforced on others using brutality akin to Romans? There is no reason for violently interfering in the affairs of others, sexual in nature or not, in consensual associations.

    You will all burn in hell if there is God in heaven for all your false shaming and stone throwing.

    When will you stop beating people down for acts of human reproduction that ARE NOT YOUR RIGHT to interfere in? A truly pathetic group of trolls and hunchbacks here.

    Burn in hell bastards. God doesn’t love you for what you do to them. This is love speech, I love those being democided against for nothing but PURE IGNORANCE of those congregating sub human animals in human flesh bound and determine to destroy just human relations everywhere.

  11. a true slut. came across this slut and made a lot of money letting guys i know online come fuck her over the course of a weekend back in may.

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