Can You ID These Suspects!?

Can You Help Identify?

Thank you for checking out our Can You Identify? page.  If you have any information or can identify anyone in the photos below please contact the Springfield Police Department at 788-8311 or Crime Stoppers at 788-8427.  Please use the report number associated with the particular photo that you are calling about when speaking to a department member.

The viewer is reminded that persons depicted in the images on this site are presumed innocent of any crime and may or may not be the focus of a criminal investigation.

Report Number: S17-36721 

Report Number: S17-36373 

Report Number: S17-31743 

Report Number: S17-24322 

Report Number: S17-26780 

Report Number: S17-24572 

Report Number: S17-6241 

Report Number: S17-15385 

Report Number: S17-17565 

Report Number: S16-71747 and S16-71757 

Report Number: S17-11218 

Report Number: 17-11028 and S17-11554

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2 Comments on "Can You ID These Suspects!?"

  1. I am pretty sure the last one is the guy from the chapelle show!

  2. The girl in green jacket with the boy is Misti McClure works for secretary of state at the Howlett building makes good money

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