Can You Id These People?

Can You Help Identify?

Thank you for checking out our Can You Identify? page.  If you have any information or can identify anyone in the photos below please contact the Springfield Police Department at 788-8311 or Crime Stoppers at 788-8427.  Please use the report number associated with the particular photo that you are calling about when speaking to a department member.

The viewer is reminded that persons depicted in the images on this site are presumed innocent of any crime and may or may not be the focus of a criminal investigation.

Report Number: S17-80219 

Report Number: S17-87929 

Report Number: S17-70394 

Report Number: S17-50367 

Report Number: S17-462992 

Report Number: S17-31170 

Report Number: S17-40438 

Report Number: S17-40673 

Report Number: S17-16216 

Report Number: S17-36721 

Report Number: S17-36373 

Report Number: S17-31743 

Report Number: S17-24322 

Report Number: S17-26780 

Report Number: S17-24572 

Report Number: S17-6241 

Report Number: S17-15385 

Report Number: S17-11218 

Report Number: 17-11028 and S17-11554

Report Number: S16-119229 

Report Number: S16-117326 

Report Number: S16-115774 

Report Number: S16-112202 

Report Number: S16-111121 

Report Number: S16-131706 

Report Number: S16-114561

Report Number: S16-109895 

Report Number: S16-91158 

Report Number: S16-92980 

Report Number: S16-113632 

Report Number: S16-113577

Report Number: S16-91337

Report Number: S16-82126

Report Number: S16-78920

Report Number: S16-786248

Report Number: S16-80958

Report Number: S16-63963

Report Number: S16-61013

Report Number: S16-43491

Report Number: S16-31755

Report Number: S16-30425

Report Number: S16-122341

Report Number: S16-25490

Report Number: S16-28593

Report Number: S16-13558

Report Number: S16-14237

Report Number: S16-3014

Report Number: S16-9364

Report Number: S16-8853

Report Number: S16-08533

Report Number: S15-131551

Report Number: S15-125121

Report Number: S15-109023

Report Number: S15-109279

Report Number: S15-110136

Report Number: S15-110196


Report Number: S15-080436

Report Number: S15-79204


Report Number:  S15-71021

Report Number:  S15-71671

Report Number:  S15-60245

Report Number: S15-028304

Report Number: S15-42648

Report Number: S15-39081

Report Number: S15-31062

Report Number: S15-011054

Report Number: S15-8226

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  1. Maybe if they had better cameras they could figure it out. Js. Stop being cheep with security systems

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