Can You ID!? Man Caught On Camera Committing A Hit & Run!

Do you recognize this man?

Check out the video!

According to Thomas Sipes this man backed into his car and took off.

Contact the Southern View Police at 217-753-6666 if you know who it is!

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7 Comments on "Can You ID!? Man Caught On Camera Committing A Hit & Run!"

  1. Good luck at catching this idiot. Someone backed into my car and did 2300$ of damage to my drivers side door and my insurance fixed it, but now my premiums went from 414$ every 6 months to 645$ every 6 months.

  2. I think this guys name is John something. Works for the Green Family Stores if I’m not mistaking.

  3. I think David is right. He works at Green on Dirksen.

  4. Green Hyundai Green Hyundai Internet Sales Team Hey guys….

  5. Did anyone talk to the girl in the lot?

  6. You would think after all the robberys at Dollar Generals that they would have invested in some better cameras!

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